New Year, New Hopes

It is a brand new year and we are indeed, privileged to be part of it. Not many who wished to see it succeeded. Some saw it but did not outlive the day. For those who have seen it and are still alive today, they can only give God the glory.
The past year had been a trying one for Nigeria, which, despite all she is blessed with, was unable, as in previous years, to maximize her potentials. To worsen matters, the year ended on a suffering note for many Nigerians due to the prevailing fuel scarcity and its prevalent high cost.
This problem had caused many Nigerians either not to travel home to see their loved ones, or to celebrate the Christmas and New Year with tears. It was indeed, one of the most difficult periods in Nigeria’s recent history.
As we turn the bend to yet another year, it behoves the leadership of the country to put the people first above all else in order to make the people feel a part of the country. A situation where only a privileged few live off the sweat of others is unfortunate.
Nigeria has all it takes to be a country that everyone will be proud of, the kind of country dreamed of by the nation’s founding fathers. All that is required is for the country to have the right kind of leadership.
The latter part of this year is bound to witness heightened political activities ahead of the 2019 general elections. This is the time for the citizenry to participate in the process with a view to choosing the right people to steer the nation’s ship of state.
Nigeria has for long been in the wilderness and needs a Joshua that will lead her to the Promised Land. 2019 may still seem far off, but the groundwork towards creating a New Nigeria begins now.
As Nigerians are expected to go about achieving that, it is our prayer and hope that the ills that bedevilled the country in the past year will not rear their ugly heads once more. In this regard, we pray that the nation’s war against the Boko Haram terrorist group will come to a successful conclusion this year. Same for the dreaded Fulani herdsmen who have been unleashing terror and death to many host communities. We pray that the federal government will muster enough will to deal decisively with them in order to put a stop to their menace.
It is also our prayer that the federal government will prosecute its corruption fight in the right way by going after those involved regardless of tribe or party affiliation. There should indeed, be no sacred cows.
Above all, the president should see the entire Nigeria as his constituency by spreading projects equitably. It is the feeling of not belonging that has been triggering ethnic tensions and agitations across the country. Once this is solved, we believe, things will be better.
We wish Nigeria a great year.