Need for Urgent Intervention on Anambra Roads

To say that the state of roads across Anambra State at the moment is deplorable is to state the obvious. These roads, which cut across both federal and state, appear to be deteriorating by the day and causing untold hardship to road users of every description. From Ihiala through Awka Etiti to Awka, the story is the same.

One of the worst of these roads is the one at the Timber Shed axis of the Enugu/Onitsha Expressway. Both sides of the road there are so bad that often, massive hold ups are recorded there owing to broken down vehicles or those trapped by the bad road and thereby obstructing traffic.

One particular night recently, both the Amawbia ByePass and the Expressway between Amawbia and Timber Shed were totally blocked, causing a chaotic scene among the trapped road users. There are many such bad roads in other parts of the state which have been worsened by the heavy rains being recorded.

The other day, a bridge at Umuawulu which links many communities in the area, suddenly collapsed, prompting the Anambra State Government to do an emergency work on it in just 72 hours. But even then, two other portions of road in that axis are showing signs of collapsing at any moment, though they are recovering attention.

Granted that some of the major roads are federal roads which require approval by the FG before the Anambra State Government can handle them, and given the fact that the state government is yet to be reimbursed on the ones she earlier handled, the fact remains that these roads need to be urgently handled by the state government before the state records more disasters.

Even though much work is not done in these parts in the thick of the rainy season, we however expect that something urgent should be done by the government to checkmate what is probably an impending danger.

The bad roads paint an ugly picture of Anambra State at a time when she is becoming known for her wide road network. When these roads are taken care of, the road maintenance agency of the government should swing into gear and really be up and doing. The many potholes across the state should be arrested and treated.

While we commend the Anambra State Government on her steps so far in road construction, we urge her to do a little more by fixing these bad roads.

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