Nanka, Anambra’s Mecca of Football

By Philip ChikeBalepo

The quiet town of Nanka, previously known for the invasion of erosion, has taken the bull by the horn to navigate fully into the world of sports and entertainment. No little thanks to the indefatigable son of the soil, Dr. Poly Emenike, MON, the Odenigbo of Nanka, who has been in the forefront of this adventure since 2012, when he hosted the first Anambra State FA Cup Final at the NEROS’ Stadium, he singularly built in Nanka. And he has not looked back ever then. But this write-up is not about Dr.Emenike, the proprietor of NEROS Pharmaceutical Limited, but about the fruits of his labour.

Today, no big football club from the old East Central State, would deny not benefiting from Nanka. It is now a ground for an annual festival for the State FA Cup to gather all soccer lovers for football’s oldest trophy. Nanka has gone further by hosting other sporting activities like mini-marathons, road races, end of year football league for all Nanka indigenes, home and abroad.

The newest member of the football family that has made Nanka her home is *VEMARD Africa Football Club*, a National League One, NLO, club side, that has relocated from Enugu, for the Mecca of Football in Anambra State. This is an indication that Nanka will now be enjoying a biweekly national football fiesta. And if the aspirations of the management come to bear, they shall be fighting for honours in the NNL come next season, 2020/2021.

VEMARD is so pleased with Nanka that not only has NEROS’ Stadium become her ground, the team is now resident in Nanka as well. And the club is leaving no stones unturned to make this transition a memorable one. It is an old time cliche that football goes with showbiz, hence VEMARD is creating no dull moments for you and me.

VEMARD Africa Football Club, Nanka, has lined up a week-long activities to announce her entrance into Anambra State. The week kicks off with a World Press Conference on the 11th of February, 2020, at the Supreme Icon Hotel, Nanka by 2pm; followed by the invitation of the media for a seasoned media officer, who shall be assigned with the onerous duty of keeping VEMARD in the media forefront.

The big one is on the 14th of February, 2020, the Valentine Day. It is a known fact that VEMARD Africa Football Club is a love family and she has made it a duty to allow love simmer down the spine of footballers and fans alike. And come that same 14th, a grade one friendly match between Enyimba FC, Aba and VEMARD will lighten up the Nanka atmosphere with music from Slow Dog, making the real Valentine vibes a true memorabilia.

VEMARD Africa FC, Nanka will also bring you a carton of nostalgic feelings as the Italian who pastored both football and human souls, Pastor Taribo West and the only Prince of Monaco, Victor Ikpeba, will be at NEROS’ stadium live.

VEMARD Africa Football Club was formed six years ago in Enugu and has been in the business of grassroot football and discovering young talents. The relocation to Nanka, with its serene and calm atmosphere, scouting, grooming and harnessing of talents would take a different dimension. And come the 17th to 24th of February, 2020, VEMARD will open her doors for raw talents to be discovered. So, if you have it, better come and flaunt it.

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