Mysterious Killing of Young Women: Urgent Puzzle that Police Must Solve

On Monday, November 12, 2018, the dead body of a young woman aged 17, was found in a bush in Isi Achina, Achina, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, behind Lake Filling Station. The body was found naked but with no parts missing, an indication that it was not a case of ritual killing. The body was later taken to Umuchu General Hospital where it was deposited at the morgue.

Fides learnt that the said lady, who was from Abia State, had gone missing with her 19-year old sister the previous day, November 11, from their home in Abia State and dumped in Anambra. After her dead body was discovered, her sister was equally discovered half dead in a bush at Otikpo Uga/Amesi.

She was discovered by those going to morning mass who reported the discovery to the parish priest who in turn took her to hospital.

Fides learnt that a similar discovery had been made about four months earlier in the area. The victim was rescued before her abductors could kill her.

Then in the morning of Wednesday, November 14, just two days apart, the bodies of two young women were discovered around Ugbo Lomu Village in Umunze, in a bush. They were also naked but with what appeared to be knife stabs on their bodies. They also appeared to have been tied on hands and legs before they were killed, even though the materials used in tying them had broken loose after their death. However, no parts of their bodies were taken.

As at the time of this editorial, their identities had remained unknown but a source from the Anambra State Police Command told Fides that the young women were killed in a neighbouring state and their bodies deposited in Anambra. He however said the first incident was unknown to the police as the matter was not reported to them.

A look at the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these young women reveals a common pattern which is the nakedness of the women without the removal of vital organs or parts of the body.

These things, happening in a state not known for such gory killings, certainly call for a serious action by law enforcement agencies to unravel the causes, especially given the report that they are dumped in the state from outside.

It is possible that the same people are behind the killings, given the similarity of deaths. But this is something that cannot be tolerated in any decent society.

It is perhaps fortunate that one of the victims did not die and is still recuperating in a hospital in the state. Efforts should be made to protect her with a view to extracting from her, the identities of those who carried out the attack on her and her dead sister.

There is no doubt that her testimony can go a long way in unraveling the identities of those behind these callous killings.

It is significant however, that such killings often occur towards the end of the year which also comes with an increase in crime. We are therefore advising the citizenry to be extra careful during these ”Ember months” in order not to fall prey to these blood sucking ghouls in human forms.

People should avoid going home late, as well being wary of dealing with strangers. They should also form the habit of telling their families and friends where they are going and the people they are going to meet. Above all, they should be mindful of the vehicles they enter as many crimes have been committed by those posing as commercial transporters.

One just cannot be too careful in these perilous times.

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