My Name is Legion

Fr. Pat Amobi Chukwuma

The messianic mission of Jesus Christ took him to the country of the Gerasenes, where he encountered a man who was possessed by demons for a long time. The demoniac was very wild and went about naked. He had been chained for many times, but each time he broke the chains. No one was able to hold him any longer. When he saw Jesus, he yelled, threw himself on the ground and shouted, “What do you want with me, Jesus, son of the Most High God? I beg you, do not torment me” (Luke 8:28). Jesus looked at him mercifully and asked, “What is your name?” The demoniac replied, “My name is Legion, because we are so many” (Luke 8:30).

The many demons in the man requested Jesus not to destroy them but to send them into the herd of pigs feeding nearby. Jesus granted the request of the demons and sent them into the pigs. The herd of pigs rushed into the sea and they were drowned instantly. I pity that mad man called legion. He saw hell on earth. Imagine how a single man was tormented by the many demons for years. The pigs could not bear them for a second. What would have happened if the possessed pigs were consumed by human beings? Thank God they perished by drowning.

When you come across any mad man or woman, be very careful. There may be many demons in him or her. Have you not seen a mad person talking with unseen forces and laughing loudly? On a certain occasion, I was praying for a possessed lady while she was conversing with those invisible forces. I asked her with whom she was talking. She pointed at them and said, “Look at them.” I looked around but saw none. She told me that those evil forces were afraid of me because I am a priest. I asked her to salute them for me. Then I began casting and binding them in the name of Jesus Christ. After some time, she told me they have gone. I advised her not to allow them to come back again. Please do not dismiss any possessed or obsessed person that comes to you for help. Often we ask the person to go and treat malaria. Indeed, evil spirits exist. Many people are being tormented by them. Let’s offer the much spiritual assistance we can. We can even refer the person to the appropriate quarters instead of dismissing the evil spirit as mere phantoms.

One can be obsessed or possessed. Obsession is when the demons attack from without. In the case of possession, the demons live in the person. They attack from within. Which is better, obsession or possession? Where there are two evils, you choose the lesser. So, if I am asked to choose I would prefer obsession. What of you? However, I do not pray to be obsessed or possessed.

It is generally said that everyone is mad. Is it true or false? Madness depends on degrees. There are first, second and third degrees of madness. To which do you belong? How many demons are in you? Are you a legion or a sole demon? I took a mentally deranged person to a psychiatric hospital after I had prayed over him. As the doctor was about to ask him a question, he stood up fiercely and gave the doctor a hot slap. The doctor retaliated by slapping him back. I was shocked to the bone marrow. I asked the doctor why he retaliated. He told me that it was part of the treatment. When the patient calmed down, the doctor gave him an intravenous injection and he slept off. The doctor then gave me his drugs. When he woke up, I drove him home. I was putting on a strong helmet in case he slaps me on the way.
On reaching home, I provided a room for him so that I would be giving him the drugs as prescribed by the doctor. At night I locked the gate and went to bed. He also retired in his room. I went to his room in the morning to know how he was feeling. He was nowhere to be found. I went to the gate and saw his shirt lying before the wall. I also discovered that he scaled over the wall half naked. I concluded that the demons in him were many. Therefore he needed ‘akpucative’ (powerful) prayer and ‘akpucative’ drugs. Eventually I met him walking aimlessly and half naked along a busy traffic road. I approached him and asked him why he abandoned his drugs and scaled over the wall. He answered, “They were calling me to come out of your house and join them outside. Since the gate was locked, I jumped over the wall.” I asked him, “Who are they?” He laughed and replied, “My demonic friends.” Before I could open my mouth again, he pointed at them and shouted, “Father, run away! They are coming!” Instantly, he disappeared like lightening. I walked gently away shouting, “Blood of Jesus, cover me and him!”

Legion means many. We can have legion of army, legion of people, legion of termites, etc. There was a social event somewhere. A mother asked her little son of seven years to go there to ascertain if people were already gathered. The boy went and came back. She asked her, “How many people did you see?” The boy spread his arms wide and demonstratively exclaimed, “Ihohoho-hoo-ooo!!!” which means they were uncountable. Hence an uncountable number of people or things can be referred to as legion.

Do you have legion of problems? Do you need spiritual help or financial help? I can assist you with the former. For the latter, please go to the bank. Few years ago, a lady approached me and requested me to be her spiritual director. I accepted the request with all my heart. The first and second encounters were spiritual. On the third occasion she asked me for financial assistance which was huge. I looked at her with consternation and said, “Please I am not a financial director.” She replied, “Father, both go together.” I ended up giving her transportation money back to her destination. Then I added, “I put it to you that the spiritual cum financial direction is hereby terminated’. She shouted, ‘I put it off. The direction continues.” I asked her, “Is it by force?” She replied, “Do you not know that there are many forces in me?” I made the Sign of the Cross and sneaked away from her to avoid the forces attacking me.

Our country Nigeria now have legion of political parties. Before now we had 68 political parties, viable and unviable. Today we have 91 political parties. Wonders shall never end! I am contemplating registering my own political party, which is to be known as Wit’s Corner Party. If you wish to join my political party, kindly indicate by writing or calling. Registration ends on 1st April 2019. The manifesto of my party is ‘Laugh and Learn’. If you join my party, then you can never suffer from hypertension. A trial will convince you.

Finally, I am celebrating my Priestly Silver Jubilee on Sunday, 2nd of September 2018. Indeed I have spent a legion of years in the Lord’s Vineyard. Where I have done well so far, to God be the glory! But where I have performed abysmal, may God have mercy on me! Please pray for me that I may still be possessed by the Holy Spirit in the years ahead. I wish you and me Heaven at last.

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