Mothering Sunday: Bishop Isizoh Urges Mothers Not to Relent in Inculcating Sound Morals in Children

By Sunny A Ijomah

The Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha, Most Rev. Denis Isizoh on Sunday, urged Mothers not to relent in inculcating sound morals in their children.

He made the call while felicitating with Mothers who marked their mothering Sunday.

According to the Prelate, giving the children training embedded in sound morals is a responsibility and onerous task mothers should take very serious, positing that untrained child is potential monster that may likely  become a source of sorrow to the parents; later in life.

Parents the Auxiliary Bishop advised should treat their children both males and females equally and assign them duties at home irrespective of their sexes.

“Don’t say he is a boy therefore, he cannot sweep and tidy the house or she is a girl, thus too fragile to do house chores.

“No duty is meant only for the male or the female ones, because such orientation will definitely mar you efforts in giving your children proper training.

“In addition, avoid cursing your children like calling them fools, idiots, animals etc  because that is not training, but, rather correct them,” he explained..