Mind the Company You Keep, Dame Okowa Advises Women

By Sunny A. Ijomah

As the Diocese of Asaba Anglican Communion held its 42nd Annual Diocesan Women Conference of the Mother’s Union and Women’s Guild, the wife of Delta State Governor, Dame Edith Okowa, has called on women to be mindful of the company they keep.

Dame Okowa, who made the call at the weekend at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Asaba, venue of the four- day conference, said that adultery should not be practiced by women, no matter the circumstances.

The Governor’s Wife, while dwelling on the topic –Adulterous Women, Repent, My Coming Is Imminent (Matt. 24:44), said that the need for God’s word to be dominant in the hearts of women was very important. This, she said, was to avoid regrets at the end of the day.

Dame Okowa, who defined adultery as sexual relationship between married men and women with others outside the marital bonds, explained that the act could be perpetuated emotionally as well as physically.

Emotional adultery, she explained, was when the heart of the perpetrator ‘is preoccupied with the lustful thoughts and admirations for another outside the marriage’ while the physical adultery is the consummation of the imaginations and sexual thoughts by married parties, outside marital bonds.

She highlighted the causes of adultery to include emotional deprivation, which is when a woman is deprived of love, sexual attention, is unappreciated by the spouse, loneliness and depression, which could lead to anger, hatred and the strange desire to get back at the partner.

She said that materialism/greed was when the desire for material possessions, desire to belong or perceive a higher class which leads to association with the wrong friends as well as wrong counsel naturally leads to the act of adultery, in a bid to meet up with insatiable demands of the new class against all reasons.

On satanic agenda, she said that the Bible records that the heart of man is evil, continually devising or propagating sinful acts. According to her, “This is apparent in the lifestyle of adulterous women who, by their dress code out rightly seduce men to bed against the covenant of marriage “.

She said that communication being the live wire of friendship in marriage when, in short supply from either party, ‘leads to a crack that deepens overtime, causing estrangement between married couples, adding that when this was left unattended, the desire to be appreciated, loved and cherished lead to acts of adultery.

She counseled couples to guide against the shameful act of adultery by protecting their partners and their marriage to the best of their abilities, adding that ‘nothing good ever comes out of extra-marital relationship which are guilt, reproach, diseases, spiritual and physical death and condemnation amongst others.

Dame Okowa, who also counseled couples to observe strict adherence to their marital vows by following steps that would keep them from falling into the sin of adultery and the condemnation of the Lord, admonished all to live a life that is acceptable to the Lord by striving to obey his commandments and depend on him in all situations and circumstances of life.

The Governor’s Wife, who used the occasion to advise on the need of evangelism at the rural areas in the state, explained that it would help to reach out to as many women as possible and know on how to help them cope.

Speaking on behalf of the women, the President, Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Ladies, Girls Guild, Diocese of Asaba, Mrs. Theresa Moseley thanked God for the governor’s wife and prayed that God would continue to uphold her as she goes on touching souls in the society.

The occasion featured a talk on the theme of the conference -”Daughters, Don’t Be Taken Unawares, My Coming Is Imminent”, by Evangelist Nnamdi Eze and special song rendition by members of ADAWO choir, among others.