Media Work, Means of Evangelization for Common Good

The Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga has described the work of journalists and other media practitioners as a means of evangelization for the common good of humanity. According to him, media practitioners are the middlemen between facts and the society. Bishop Onaga made this assertion in his homily at the celebration of the Mass to mark this year’s World Communications Day at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu.

According to the bishop, media practitioners should make truth the hallmark of their professional, and endevour to tell the truth at all times in the discharge of their duties, irrespective of the challenges. Noting that the profession is a means of evangelization, Bishop Onaga declared: “that’s why truth should be told correctly; that is why the Church made it an annual event to remind media practitioners that it is their responsibility to communicate the truth. If you do not communicate the truth, truth will die”.

Speaking further, Bishop Onaga made reference to the promise of Jesus to his apostles before to send them the spirit of fortitude, wisdom, understanding and courage, ascending into heaven.
According to the bishop, this Spirit is known for inspiration, the Spirit tells the truth to us as well as the entire world. Bishop Onaga spoke extensively on the Pope’s message and said: “As the Pope puts it, if you are communicating, you are telling stories. Our life is full of stories, but you have to tell the truth, you need courage to tell the truth.”

He continued: “These days more than ever, we need heroes of the truth. Remember, what you tell the world, they take and that is why it is very painful these days, we hear all kinds of stories contradicting one another.
The Bishop added: “Today, everybody has come to be a reporter through the social media. Since everyone has turned to be a reporter, can you the journalists tell us the truth? So that in the midst of all the untruths being told, you can now tell the truth and we use it to know the standard.”

Urging media practitioners to direct the people right and let them know the truth, Bishop Onaga remarked: “like the Pope said; as you are communicating, you are weaving facts together. You weave truths together.” He added: “Please help the government to educate the people who still wallow in ignorance.

This is the most trying period of communication. This is the time you can make communication become communication. Let people know the truth about what is in us.”
In his address, the Director of Social Communications, Catholic Diocese of Enugu, Very Rev. Fr. Benjamin Achi called for a more diversified and flexible communication approach from media practitioners.

He further urged them to rise and bridge the communication gap of today as the challenges facing communication based on truth and fact is increasing daily. The thanksgiving Mass was attended by media practitioners from different parts of the state.