Media: when a thankless job wins you accolades

By Jude Atupulazi

Ask anyone in the media industry one of the things they egret the most and they will tell you it is the thankless nature of the job. The reading public will always look the other way when you write the so-called harmless or good stories. No one hails you for those.

But just write one thing they don’t find palatable, even though it is the truth, and they come after you like a common criminal. For us we have developed very thick skin for that. So long as we know what we write is the truth, we don’t care if the whole world raves and rants.

But there are occasions when the unthinkable happens and those are when people actually show appreciation for your efforts. I experienced one of those rare moments within the week and here was how I related the experience on some social media handles.

The moment I felt like a god

I visited this newly opened fast food joint near my office on the prompting of a female staff member who once worked in my office and soon as I walked through the revolving door, what happened next literally swept me off my feet and catapulted me to heavenly realms.

This young man I took a picture with, immediately stood up on sighting me and with face beaming with smiles, rushed to me, hand extended, and proclaimed, “Good day sir. You must be Mr Jude Atupulazi”.

Bemused, I affirmed and he was almost all over me with barely suppressed joy.

He went on, “I’m so happy to meet you. I’ve been reading you without fail every week,” he gushed as the few people around looked on in delight.

I asked him if we’d ever met and he said no. I asked how then he was able to recognize me as my face doesn’t often appear in my paper.

He said he used to see my face years ago when I used to put my picture to my page (that was years ago when I ran a football column).

For him to still remember that face from then, and, perhaps, the very few other times my picture appeared during some events, was clearly remarkable and I told him so.

But by far what touched me was the genuineness of his joy at seeing me amid his effusive praises.

As far as welcomes go, the reception I got was awesome.

In such a thankless job as the media, it is such rare occasions of genuine admiration for our efforts that keep us going and encourage us to keep going.

I’ve decided to feature this on my page in the next edition as a mark of gratitude.

Indeed, in those fleeting moments I felt like some god. Thank you, Mr Onyebuchi Dike, for adoring me.

Boy oh boy!