Media Gurus Visit Fides Media, Commend Establishment

By Alexander Johnson Adejoh

Media gurus  made up of Mr. Tony of The Razor Online News; Mr. Emmanuel Elekwa of The Nation Newspaper, and Miss. Lucy Osuizigbo-Okechukwu of News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, were visitors at Fides Media in Awka, Anambra State, September 11.

The visitors were received by Mr. Jude Atupulazi, Editor-in-Chief, Fides Newspaper, and Rev. Fr. Dr. Robert Anagboso, Director Fides Media. Also present at the visit was Rev. Fr. Constantine Okoli, Deputy Director Fides Media.

The visitors were taken on a tour of the Fides Media facilities comprising the Newsroom for newspaper production; the press for general printing and publishing, as well as the Graphics/Studio section where they took pictures.

They expressed their satisfaction with what they described as the state-of-the-art equipment and the quality of the organisation.

After the tour, the visitors met with some staff members of Fides Media and discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the media industry in Nigeria; even as they commended the staff members for their hard work and dedication.

Mr. Elekwa of The Nation Newspaper said, ‘I am impressed by the quality of the things at Fides Media. The organisation is doing a great job of informing and educating the public.’

He also described Fides Media as a vital part of the media landscape in Nigeria, noting that the organisation was providing a valuable service to the community.

For his part, Mr Okafor said, ‘I am happy to see that Fides Media is investing in new technology. This will help the organisation to continue to provide quality production to its customers.’

Mr. Atupulazi, Editor-in-Chief Fides Newspaper, thanked the visitors for their kind words. He expressed gratitude for the support of his friends in the media and assured that Fides would continue to work hard to provide quality production to its customers.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Robert Anagboso, Director Fides Media, expressed delight at welcoming the visitors to Fides Media; just as he thanked them for their support and encouragement.

Rev. Fr. Constantine Okoli, Deputy Director, Fides Media, said the visit was a great honour for Fides Media and thanked them for their time and attention.

The visit of the media gurus to Fides Media was a great success. The visitors were impressed by the quality of the productions and the dedication of the staff. They commended Fides for its contribution to the media landscape in Nigeria.