Mbaka Blasts Ekweremadu: Says He’s Suffering Political ‘Quary Gada Quary Gada’

Father Mbaka today attacked DSP Ekweremadu while speaking at Adoration Ministry Enugu.

According to him,Senator Ekweremadu is suffering from what he described as political ‘quary gada quary gada’.

He said when APC chieftains visited him,he told them that nobody can remove Ekweremadu as DSP because he anointed him.

According to him,he said he has no problem with Ekweremadu but believes that he insulted him.He said when he prophesied that Jonathan will not win last presidential election,Jonathan sent Ekweremadu to him with bag of money.

He told Ekweremadu that the Holy Spirit rejected the money. He was urged to take the gift by Ekweremadu but he refused.

Ekweremadu told him that he does not know what to tell Goodluck Jonathan if he returns the money.

However, Father Mbaka asked him to video their conversation and play it to Jonathan but he refused.

Ekweremadu had to tell Senator Nnaji to come and visit Mbaka and plead with him to take the gift. Mbaka was bold enough to tell Senator Nnaji that the Holy Spirit rejected the money.

Senator Nnaji asked Mbaka that if he were him he will take the gift.Mbaka told him that he is the servant of the Most High God and works according to his instruction.

He also said that the pledge that Ekweremadu made at the Adoration Ministry has not been redeemed because he felt that he insulted him by rejecting Jonathan’s gift.

Mbaka also said some of President Buhari’s  problem is due to ingratitude.

He clearly stated that he is the servant of the Most High God and was ordained like Aaron.

Speaking further,he said his job is to say what God told him without minding what anybody thinks.

He made it clear that you can not compare a prophet of God with a politician.He said a prophet fears nobody.