Matter of Life and Death …I am Grateful to God – Princess

…Thank You for your prayers, School Run is Back

By Princess Chinecherem Efobi

Let me begin by apologizing to our numerous readers here on School Run for not running your favourite page for a couple of weeks now. Illness took a better part of me and I nearly passed over to the great beyond. I collapsed in my school on October 18, 2018. It took three hospitals, seventeen days and a plethora of doctors and health experts with God’s Intervention to bring me back to life.

I am gradually getting back to regular activities. Thanks for your prayers, visits, text messages and general goodwill. I believe God that I am healed.

The funeral of my uncle John Efobi ,who died on September 15,2018 while I was on holiday work with DOSAD Sports, was held November 9 and 10 at Neni. May he repose in the Lord. I thank all those who sympathized with me and my family at this sorrowful moment.

Finally, School Run partners Queen Cynthia Foundation to reach out to our children. Kindly support our children through this foundation that has a human face.

Ebbing out on hospital bed October 23,2018.
Yours truly (right), after Holy Mass with my sister at St Joseph Parish Neni, last Sunday November 7, 2018. I am very much better now.

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