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Materialistic Adoration Ministries

By Pat Amobi Chukwuma

There is Adoration. There is Adoration. Who or what are you adoring? As I was driving home late evening penultimate week, I nearly killed someone accidentaly. Thank God I was not on high speed. The Federal Road Safety Corp warns that speed kills. It is not any speed that kills but excessive speed. It can kill the driver, occupants or passersby. Since I started driving twenty-six years ago, I can swear that I have only unintentionally killed a fowl and two lizards on the road. Those three losses of animal lives pained me so much. In fact I nearly shed tears. However, I observed some minutes of silence at the triple accidental scenes before I continued my journey. Human life is sacred. Animal life must be respected, unless it poses a threat to our human existence. All those who kill non harmful animals intentionally will answer for it before God who created them. The Bible says, “Kill and eat” (Act 10:13). Therefore, you must eat such animals you kill intentionally to be free of the guilt of willful murder. Now let me go back to land.

The man I nearly killed on that fateful evening was hundred percent drunk. He staggered accidently into the tarred motor way. I applied sudden break which made a loud sound that attracted all those leaving around there to come out. They were trembling with their hands crossed over their heads. The drunk man fell down at the middle of the road. The kinetic energy emanating from the break system pulled him down. The anxious small crowd that assembled thought that he was dead. I angrily jumped down from my car to confront him for being careless with his life. He vomited mixed liquor of stout, star, gulder, palm-wine, up-wine, dry gin and hero. The forces and quantity of those assorted alcoholics threw him into unconsciousness as he was staggering along the road. At the same time he was uttering many useless words without punctuation marks. When he regained consciousness a little, I asked him from where he came from and where he was going. With his two eyes turning round he said, “Father Pastor Bishop, I am just coming out from Assorted Alcoholic Adoration Ministry at A]uruma market square. Our minister is speaking in tongues there now. Myself I started speaking in tongues and propelled by the power of alcohol as I stagger home. Please am I now at my house? Call my wife to come and collect meat for soup.” There was unanimously laughter from the spectators including myself. I asked him, “Whom do you adore in your ministry?” He pointed at his liquor vomit on the ground and replied, “Look at what we adore! It is a fantastic adoration. Please if you have any brand, give me to adore.”
As we were talking, his wife and two grown-up children came with a wheel-barrow. They carried the drunk husband and father of five into it and wheeled him home. As they were going, he was making unclear incantations and shouting, “Liquor is my god! Liquor is my god! Come let us adore him! At home, the angry wife gave him 24 lashes of cane for disappointing the family. He cried like a baby and had no strength to retaliate. He slept in front of their house as he refused to go in. He was singing and shouting at the top of his voice till daybreak. At intervals he polluted the air loudly and spontaneously shouted, “Fire! Fire! Fire!” Next his wife came out with a bucket of cold water to quench the fire by pouring it all over her drunk husband’s body. He exclaimed, “Please stop this baptism of water! I have come back to my senses.”

Have you not heard of Womanizer Adoration Ministry? The adorers (men) adore anything called woman – babies, young and old. They never sleep at night without a woman. Such men are called “Abali agba aka.” One of them is specialized in the ministry such that he is nicknamed Tuner. He tunes any woman he sees including little girls. Even mad women are not spared. Who impregnates the mad women we see carrying babies? Some men have the special ministry of adoring mad women. There was a certain man who slept with a mad women on regular basis. At the same time he married a sane woman. Tongues started wagging and asking, “Why did he not marry a mad woman if that is the area of his interest?” Do you know what happened later? One day as he was walking along a market road looking for a mad woman to adore, the spirit of madness entered into him. He removed all his clothes and stood naked. Suddenly he ran into the crowded market and started dancing without music. Indeed, the evil that men do lives with them.

Every word has an opposite. There is also ‘Manizer’ Adoration Ministry. Immoral women are found in this ministry. They are known as prostitutes. They sell their bodies in exchange for money. Their interest is not only in sexual gratification but in smiling to the banks after the immoral adoration in brothels or elsewhere. Such women dress casually and half naked; standing beside busy roads in cities and big towns at late evenings looking for customers. They offer wholesale and retail prices, depending on the pockets of those men who adore them. Nowadays, so many women dress up in the evening, saying they are going to adoration. When they reach the market-place, they change into sexy dresses for the sexual adoration. Any woman that tells you that she is going for all night adoration, please ask her “What kind of Adoration?” Some pretend as if they are going to church for prayerful Adoration, only to end up in a hotel or brothel or in a man’s house. Many young Nigerian women are lured into overseas for the Manizer Adoration Ministry. Their sponsors use them to enrich themselves. Beware when someone wants to take your daughter for studies or business abroad. Often some of our young ladies travel abroad by themselves for such immoral adoration ministry. They come back rich but wounded.

Have you heard of Richmen Adoration Ministry? Some Men of God are specialized in this ministry. They make good prophecies for wealthy people and for popular politicians. On the other hand, they make terrible and bad prophecies for the poor and for unpopular politicians. The more money you give those Men of God, the more glorious prophecies for you. They move from one rich man’s or popular politician’s house to the other for home cleansing ministry. They create demons and cast them out at the same time. The more the demons are, the more the cost of the casting and binding them. At times the Men of God do dirty jobs for their clients. One of them approached a millionaire politician for special donation to maintain his ministry. The politician gave him a condition for granting the request. He went in and came out with a basin of his under-wears and those of his wife for the Man of God to wash. The Man of God in question sat down at the backyard and started doing the shameful washing. At the end he smiled away with a large quantity of money concealed in attractive parcel. When he got back to his church, he gave a wonderful testimony of how the Lord has blessed the Ministry with a freewill donation from an anonymous donor. His congregation gave the anonymous donor a standing ovation and chorused, “The Lord is good all the time!”

The spirit of lying controls those Men of God who adore wealth. For them, it is a holy lie. Can an evil be holy? The biblical holy thief became holy when he repented by entering with the crucified Jesus Christ into Paradise. It happened that a believer bought a luxurious jeep. He took it to a Man of God to bless for him. During the blessing, the Man of God started speaking exoterically. At the end, he shouted, “I have just received a revelation from above. The powerful One above says that if you drive this jeep, you will die in a ghastly accident. Therefore, to be safe, you should leave it here for use in my ministry. The powerful spirit in me will neutralize any accident.” Since life has no duplicate, the jeep owner unwillingly donated the new jeep for the ministry. What a deceitful ministry!

Cultism Adoration Ministry is fast spreading in our Nigerian society today. It involves the worship of Satan who blesses his adorers with abundant wealth and power. The initiation into this ministry is normally at midnight at a designated lonely place. The initiation demands the demonic sacrifice of the most precious person or thing you value in your life. It can be your mother, your wife, your husband, your lovely brother or sister or even friend. One can sacrifice his wealth also. The sacrifice is spiritual and mystic. It is done by invocation. The power or wealth you get in return has a time limit. Once it expires, you are bound to renew the sacrifice or else your own life will be at stake. Do you know that some Men of God are members of this Cultism Adoration Ministry? No wonder their ministries are booming like industry. A certain Man of God in this ministry was caught red-handed burying a live human being in the foundation of his church edifice. Often they engage beautiful women as intercessors or singers. Sometimes the women intercede or sing in their bedrooms.

Charms Adoration Ministries are on the rise. The ministers are inspired by charms. Often they visit native doctors to make charms under which influence they perform miracles. At times the miracles are stage-managed or dubious. They dupe their clients with what the Igbo call “Otihoro anya ahughi uzo.” That is, the more you look, the less you see. Such involves magical power. You can be healed magically while the sickness remains biologically. You can be enriched magically while poverty ruins you physically.

The worship of God must be at the center of any genuine Adoration Ministry. The first Commandment in the Decalogue states, “I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other god beside me”(Exodus 20:3; Deut. 5:7). Whatever else anyone adores is a false worship. It is a contradiction to serve God and mammon at the same time. God does not share his glory with anybody or anything. The worship of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10). If your Adoration Ministry is money oriented, then you adore a mammon. The adoring of a man or a woman for sexual gratification is also the worship of mammon. The word Adoration is suffering from corruption. President Buhari and the EFCC should quickly go after the persons involved.