Marriage is No Contract or Business

Last year, I witnessed the solemnization of matrimony of a young couple. The groom happened to be a man of the people and that attracted personalities from various areas of life. They both seemed happy as they tied the nuptial knot and walked down the aisle together. Gifts were showered on them and they danced exceptionally. I was happy and almost everybody was happy for them. But tragedy struck earlier this year, the nuptial knots were broken. Rumors had it that the groom is gay. Another had it that the groom only wanted to make a name for himself because of his political ambition.
My friend Afoma, got married to her heartthrob in October 2016, with a wedding ceremony that was just the talk of the town. In December of same year, she ran back to her former family. All pleas from her husband to return to him were poured on deaf ears. Her bride prize was returned to her husband and that was the end of her marriage.
Mama Prince as fondly called went back to her parents’ house recently with her little son. Presently, her husband is living with another woman who happens not to be his legal wife. Stories have it that her husband threw her out because she seemed to be planting discord between his siblings.
I was surfing the internet when I saw a post of a man lying lifeless in a pool of blood. The story behind it was that the wife together with her boyfriend had beaten the man to death when he caught them committing adultery on his matrimonial bed. Bad story
Another part of a story says that a man killed his wife with hot water because he felt that she was cheating on him.
Lately I heard a story of a young couple who after two days of their marriage parted ways. It was said that the bride married the groom because of the persuasion of her mother to marry a rich guy. Marriage na business? Engaging in matrimony because of money will not only make one frustrated in life but will mar a beautiful life.
So many stories have been told about marriages, failed and successful ones alike. What is actually killing our marriages? Are we tieing the knots with the wrong persons or we chose not to make them the right person? Our marriages are in shambles because every day we chose to forget the vow we took in the presence of God.
Easter celebration is fast approaching. Presently I have received numerous wedding invitations. A lot of young people, girls especially would not want this Easter to pass without wearing a wedding ring. Even if it’s from a lunatic. Shey marriage na marriage. Most thereby, making their lives meaningless and worthless after a failed marriage. Some commit suicide and some go insane. I got no problem with that.
But dear reader, I strongly believe marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not turning one into a sex bag or a punching bag. One has to go into a critical self analysis before marriage. Do not go into marriage because your friends are married or because you are tired of being single but because you are ready for it. It is a fact that marriage is a journey between two different people from different worlds. It takes two to tango. Marriage is no contract or business. I rest my case.