Man Refuses Medical Treatment for Daughter Over Religious Belief

By Sunny A. Ijomah

A couple in Sapele, Delta State, Mr. and Mrs. Ujemu Omena had refused medical treatment for their 22 months baby girl suffering from hydrocephalus, a rare medical condition characterised by head enlargement in infants, citing blood transfusion against their religious belief.

Hydrocephalus is an illness also called water in the brain, the extra fluid puts pressure on the brain and can cause brain damage and this illness is said to be most common in infants and older adults and Precious condition is said to be in a critical state

A family source told Advocate that “Precious, the child was born with hydrocephalus and the parents who are young couple never knew what was happening until they noticed that the baby’s head was getting larger.

“Having noticed this, they started running from pillar to post , only to find out the illness was hydrocephalus, partly because of money and religious belief, the parents have refuse to seek medical help, they are Jehovah witnesses and he says their religion forbids blood transfusion” the source who begged his identity not be disclosed said.

Gwamnishu Harrison of Behind Bars Rights Initiative also told our Correspondent that the body was contacted by one Facebook news platform, about a 22 months old baby who is suffering from hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain and in a dangerous stage but Mr & Mrs Ujemu have practically turned our help down for fear of blood transfusion. For the past two days we have been appealing to the parents to please let’s take the child for medical help and they have continuously refused, they say it will involve blood transfusion and their denomination forbids it but we will go back today to try and see if we can convince them”

Speaking also, another group Lalita Foundation told our correspondence, how they tried to intervene too ” We learnt of the little girl’s case and when we met him and offered to help, he practically said no unless there will be no blood transfusion, so we let him be” Mrs Fumilayo Lalita, founder of the foundation said.

Meanwhile Mr. Ujemu explained why he was against medical help saying; “We are Jehovah witnesses and we don’t accept blood transfusion, that’s my reason why I am against it.”