LP Collapses All Peter Obi Support Groups in Anambra into Party, Unveils Candidates

By Ikeugonna Eleke

The Anambra State Chapter of Labour Party (LP) has collapsed all Peter Obi support groups in the state into the party.

The party announced this last weekend, during the unveiling of its House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senatorial candidates in the state.

The State chairman of Labour Party, Hon Ugochukwu Eneh, who spoke at the event said: ‘We are here to strategize on how we can get at least 95 percent of votes in Anambra State for our candidate, Mr Peter Obi.

‘The entire country is looking up to us to ensure that we are in the forefront of supporting our brother before they will think of how they can join.

‘We are here to collapse all support groups working for Obi into the Labour Party because the party is the only one that will be on the ballot, and we need to start early to sensitize people on where to vote, and what our logo is.’

Senator Victor Umeh, a senatorial candidate of the party for Anambra Central, who spoke on behalf of all the candidates after the unveiling, harped on the need to rescue Nigeria from collapse.

‘What you see here are some of the very best of Peter Obi’s team who helped steer Anambra State during his days as governor.

‘Nigerians from all over have accepted Obi as the one who can salvage Nigeria. People are working every day tirelessly to make Peter Obi the president. The rest of Nigeria have taken away from us the job of canvassing for Peter Obi, so we will follow them and make him a president.

‘Nigeria is collapsing and we need to join hands to salvage her and we believe that the man who can do that is Mr Peter Obi.’