Long Vacation: Challenge before Parents

The holidays are here again and it is that time of the year when parents are saddled with the burden of finding different ways to keep their children and wards busy till they resume for the new school session. The idea of keeping these children busy varies from family to family. For some parents, the option of holiday lessons readily comes to their minds. As far as they are concerned, children will play away all the knowledge they got from the concluding term if they are not academically engaged during the summer holidays. As a result of this, they either pay for extra lessons in the school or pay for private tutorial at home.
For some other parents, they look forward to the long vacation so as to send their children or wards, as the case may be, to their friends or relatives for the entire period the holidays will last. This crop of parents see it as a way of lessening the burden of having to take care of their children during the holidays and therefore find it convenient to push them to relatives or friends while sitting back to receive the goodies that come back with the children when the holiday is over.
The point, however, is that these children need to be chaperoned at every point during the long vacation. It is needless to dump them with relatives as they may not even be there to take care of such children since they may also be at work themselves. Besides, with the biting recession, why saddle other parents with the extra burden of feeding your children, all because you want the easy way out?
There are lots of negative influences in our society today and these children just might fall victims to such vices all because parents want their schedules uninterrupted and their spending during the holidays, reduced. The aftermath of these holidays is neither worth the so-called rests by parents nor the money they think they might have saved by dumping their children on other families during the long vacation.
It is better to keep your child under your care and be in the position to monitor their daily activities during the long vacation. As for the financial reasons that some parents give for sending their children away on holidays, it is pertinent to note that the best investment any parent can venture in, is that done in the children.
They are the future. Children are best taken care of by their parents. Therefore, parents should do the needful and give their children proper guidance and direction during this period. That is the only way they would have invested well in those children.
The glitz and glamour of spending holidays away from home may not be worth it after all.