Living our Lives as Good Christians in the New Year

We have just made it to the New Year, 2020, and it is indeed a miracle, considering the fact that not many who began the last year with us are here to mark the new one with us. In all, the Grace of God prevailed in our lives and we are lucky to give testimonies of all we experienced in the past year.

A lot of times, we complain about things like not being rich, not having plum jobs, not driving our dream cars or even living in our dream houses. Indeed, so many Nigerians are going through hard times. It is however expedient to look at the bigger picture and understand God’s purpose for sparing our lives this New Year.

Every Christian’s adversary is the devil who dogs our steps like a stalking lion, seeking for souls to destroy. This is a time for every Christian to remain steadfast in the faith and be vigilant so as to have victory over the evil one.

God has given us the Grace to be conquerors by calling us into his eternal glory by Jesus Christ. We might be going through hard times, but at the end of life’s race, He will make us perfect and stable while filling us with the joy of his salvation.

This New Year, 2020, holds a lot of challenges, just like the previous years. This is why we need to live above sin and temptation.

Temptation is a reality of life. Our Christian calling demands that we watch and pray constantly in order to ward off the tempter and his agents, just as Christ taught us. The tricks of the devil come in different forms like the lust of the flesh, pride and flamboyance. Let us not be caught in the web of these tricks, but rather be guided by sobriety and watchfulness in order to be better children of God in the New Year and ultimate partakers of His heavenly kingdom at the end of our life’s journey.

This is a call to every believer of Christ’s word to lean on the scriptures in Phillipians 4:13. It says, ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’.

Above all, we must strive to ennoble humanity by being our brothers’ keepers. We must shun our unbridled quest for money, such that drives us to killing our fellow human beings, kidnapping them and robbing them, just to make money. The New Year must be allowed to inject in us a new spirit that makes us love one another to the glory of God.

Happy New Year to us all!!!

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