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Lies you Shouldn’t live with

By Amarachukwu Okpunobi

Believe it or leave it, whatever you hear, see, do or think has a way of affecting your life, positively or negatively. Our actions routinely becomes our character, it also transcends to becoming our  defining trait. It gives a picture of who we are to others even to our own selves.

So many dreams have been thwarted and buried because they got the wrong information or maybe misunderstood the information, some others because they fed themselves with the wrong information, others because they allowed the wrong information affect their minds and thoughts.

Many at times, we seem to follow trend more than the truth. These trends again tends to narrow our minds into focusing on the wrong things and believing them to be the right thing. They also become what we believe and gradually it turns out to be what guide our actions and beliefs as it spreads like a wildfire and pierces into our hearts occupying a greater portion of it .

We say them with ease and trust me, it becomes what shapes our mind in the present and towards the future. These leaves our life somewhat empty and sad, consequently affecting even the unborn generation. These trends are lies that seems truthful. It deceives us and makes us live a life of lies. It darkens our minds that we still do not tell ourselves the truth. We should not live with them.

I hope after reading this piece, we should be able to thinly draw a line between the truth and what seems to be truth.

What he did is to small to deserve my appreciation and honour; it is a natural law that when you appreciate for the little you have, more will be given to you. No matter how small a help someone renders to you, learn to say thank you.

That show of gratitude may be the key to unlock all other blessings and help that will flow to you. Salute people when you see them, they may not necessarily render any help to you but they may be a reason while another will help you. Have a character trait of honour and appreciation, it will certainly go a long way to make way for you.  Ingratitude is a virus that eats you up leaving you asymptomatic.

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It blinds you with arrogance and ungratefulness. It destroys your relationship with others and causes a road block for more blessings. Gift those who have rendered help to you, it will make way for you.

As a matter of fact, no one is compelling you to like a person who helped you, but it is of great necessity to say thank you, you can never know where it is going to take you. Help others too, part of showing appreciation is helping another. You rise only when you lift another.

All I need in life to succeed is hardwork;  so many people have used these particular line to destroy their lives. No compromise, hardwork has a long way to go in making one successful but then it is just one of the tools to succeed.
If you don’t have other tools, you won’t climb that ladder of success. Hardwork can only perform its own roles and can’t perform the roles of other tools. You need more than hardwork to succeed. Success is birthed in good human relationships, good character, taking up responsibilities, perseverance, learning and others.

Do not be deceived, you don’t only need hardwork to succeed. Success goes beyond hardwork.

We keep moving; you must have said this to yourself a thousand times. But hey, if it’s not progressive, it is not movement. If you are stuck in a particular place, you aren’t moving. Days may go by, weeks and years, and if it isn’t progressive, it is not movement but retardation.

Accept it when it is not moving so you can move. If you don’t accept your retardation in academics, workplace or any phase of life, you won’t be able to improve. It starts with accepting that you aren’t making any progress, then you work towards making a change, that change must be progressive to make a move.

It’s not pride, it’s just who I choose to be; if it’s not pride, then it’s humility and when it’s still not humility, it’s  pride. Don’t get it twisted. Puffing your shoulder up won’t get you that job, certificate or position you seek for. When you humble yourself, upliftment will come.

Don’t destroy an opportunity to grow because you have refused to bring those ego down and perform a lowly task in your workplace. Serve in humility, work in humility, learn in humility and give in humility.

I don’t need anyone to make it; whenever you want to use these phrase again on yourself, remember that no man is an island on its own, even Islands are still surrounded by water.

You can’t exist alone, that’s the truth. You can’t live alone in the world of your dreams, it needs others to get them into reality.
So, when you throw people away from your life, remember that they are still the ones who can make your dreams become reality. We live for each other and we build each other. You are because we are and we are because you are. You can’t exist alone. If you dare to exist alone, guess what you will see, loneliness and a life filled with sadness.

What he did is unforgiveable; unforgiveness is a prison of the mind. It locks our happiness behind bars and keeps us suffering within. It scarifies our heart and leaves it debilitating each day. You just need to forgive to live. You are not forgiving because he deserves it or not but because you really need to set yourself free from the bars of unforgiveness.