Letter to the Editor

The Editor-in-Chief,

Fides Communication Newspaper,


Awka Diocese.

Dear Sir,



I do hereby wish to express my unalloyed gratitude and recognition for the great work you are doing at Fides Media. I read the editorial page every time I buy the newspaper and the content of the editorial is always redemptive. I wish you could continue the good work. When the new Diocese of Ekwulobia was created and Fides stopped coming to Aguata, the feeling of most of us was nostalgic and desirous.

Nevertheless, the last time we talked, you related to me that the cost of printing press is high and you have duely reduced the size of production. Above and beyond this difficulty, you still created a page/space to publish my ARTICLES. My heart is full of joy and appreciation.

You have done so much for me. Unbelievably, I knew what I passed through in the hands of some editors, say National Dailies, in getting my article vetted or even published. The journalistic approach is that if you are not a professional, famous, well-known or an accomplished personality, your views and contribution to national issues may not really count.

Moreover, I am no longer in the East but I got a call from enthusiastic readers of  Fides Newspaper  that they have seen my contribution published. I can’t thank you enough. It’s a big booster and encouragement. You have just given me a say. I seize this opportunity to thank you immensely.

Finally, I will do my best to promote Fides Media. I will always follow the vision of Fides Media as I carry on and develop my writing skills.

Remain richly blessed Sir!

Truly yours,

Obiotika Wilfred Toochukwu.

Trade Fair Complex Aspamda, Badagry, Lagos State.