News Update

Let’s Keep Praying for our Priests

The recent drama that took place between Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka and the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi, at the former’s Adoration Ground, which went viral on the social media, may have subsided but the dust it raised may yet take time to settle.

While the controversy raged, all manner of abusive words were thrown at Father Mbaka by those who felt he was wrong. It was indeed, a period to forget.

Resultantly, this led to Fr Mbaka being directed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) to tender an apology to the former governor.

Although the apology has been tendered, some people still feel that it was not enough, while others argue that the apology came late.

Despite all the controversy however, it is important to remember that the Reverend Father is human after all, and capable of having shortcomings and inadequacies just like any other man out there. He is not perfect and wearing a cassock does not make him super human. He is flesh and blood and very capable of falling out of line at one point or the other.

That is why it is very important to pray for every priest ceaselessly. Apart from their different duties as priests, they basically pray for us at every point in our lives. So, even though he seemingly erred, he needs the grace of God to realize his mistakes and be truly sorry for them.

He has shown enough humility to accept to apologize and to actually did that. It is not for people to therefore continue to pick holes in that. It is time to move on and pray that such will not happen again.

Thankfully, the victim, Mr Peter Obi, has asked everyone not to judge Fr Mbaka harshly, especially as he was not angry about what transpired between him and Fr. Mbaka. We should abide by Obi’s plea and sheathe our swords in a practical demonstration of Christianity.

Let us, as Christians, learn to shun the sins of pride and arrogance in our daily dealings with people. More importantly, we need to begin to pray more than we do for our priests and religious.

They are human just like us.