Law Firm Celebrates Children’s Day

By Zita Chidera Ezeno

Children’s Day is a commemorative day in honour of children and is celebrated on the 27th of May in Nigeria. The Law Zoomers, one of the top-notch law firms in Anambra State, Friday, May 27, hosted a mini celebration in their law firm to observe the day.

Some members of staff of the firm were spotted in their school uniforms and children’s wear with long stockings and backpacks. Also, some children of the staff members were in attendance.

The principal partner, Amaka Ezeno, explained that it was an annual tradition in the firm which started in 2021 based on the initiative of one of the senior associates of the firm, Chinyere Ejikeme. She said the celebration was aimed at the reincarnation of childhood, reflection on the problems and joys of childhood, and seeking measures to correct such problems.

The client development partner, J.U. Anachusi, reiterating that children were blessings from God, spoke on the importance of catching them young. Going further, he remarked that the mind of every child was open to possibilities and was embedded with the experiences they encountered throughout life.

The principal partner, after drawing a distinction between being childish and being child-like, added that the manner of impartation influenced the receptiveness of children to counselling and correction and urged stakeholders, such as parents and teachers, to take note of that.

The I.C.T. Management Partner, C.F. Ifeabunike, said he learned a lot mingling with the younger ones and advised the externs at the firm against being arrogant due to the social status conveyed on one by virtue of being a lawyer. The Practice Management Partner/Head, Human Resources, L.N. Uju, also lent her voice in encouraging the externs.

The highlights of the occasion included the recitation of nursery rhymes, sharing of lollipops, the recounting of childhood memories by some persons present at the event, and the moving of motions to be addressed as children by two of the junior associates who were not present for the previous Children’s Day celebration at the firm.