News Update

Lady Spends N14m to Dress Naked

By Sunny A. Ijomah

A Nigerian lady at the recently concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award spent about N14.5m on a dress that revealed her breast and peti coat.

She is Tacha and she boasted that the dress she wore on that day cost 20,000 dollars.

The  dress covers more of her surroundings than her body.

Fides understands that the dress is costly but is in line with insane behaviour of celebrities.

She is not a public servant in the mould of elected or appointed politician or a civil servant.

She is therefore free to spend her money the way she likes.

But there is a moral burden for her.

In a country where nearly two third of Nigerians live on less than two dollars a day, it is not just right.

Fides understands that while she was beautiful in the dress, she could have covered her breasts properly and stop the indecent exposure of her underwears.

The craze today is for ladies to expose their breasts in the name of fashion.