Labour Party Assembly Candidate, Ozalagba, Coming to Change Narrative

By Jude Atupulazi

A House of Assembly candidate of Labour Party for Anaocha 11 State Constituency, Anambra State, Mr Osita Kingsley Ozalagba, says his aspiration to represent his people is to bring a different narrative to representation in the constituency.

Ozalagba who spoke with Fides in Awka, Thursday, also said his desire to serve stemmed from his conviction that the platform of his membership as a House of Assembly member would greatly benefit his people.

‘I have the strong conviction that my emergence as the House of Assembly member representing the good people of Anaocha Constituency 11 will be an eye opener and a watershed in the politics of Anaocha as I will not limit myself to what has always been, but will think out of the box in driving a creative kind of representation never seen before.

‘I am competent, capable and confident of my resolve in making Anaocha Constituency 11 a place of pride,’ Ozalgaba who hoped that his people would find him worthy, assured.

Delving into the dynamics of representation as a lawmaker, Ozalagba said he would fully utilise what he described as the inherent benefits residual in the State Assembly.

His words, ‘Primarily, the basic duty of a House of Assembly member is to make good laws for the people, and I ask you, how many of us know what is happening at the State House of Assembly? They keep on making laws without domesticating such laws, such that the constituents are kept in the dark of such laws.

‘Secondly, a House of Assembly member is the representative of the people and as such should be the eyes, ears, and mouth piece of the people which is lacking in Anaocha 11.

He promised to be holding town hall meetings with his people regularly in order to feel the pulse of the people who trusted him with their votes. This was even as he said a house member had the basic responsibility of checkmating the executive arm of government by engaging in what he called constructive oversight functions to ensure that his constituents were not shortchanged.

‘I owe it to God who has made it possible for me to have served as a pioneer President General of the Anambra State Association of Town Unions’ Youth Wing, an umbrella body of the 179 towns that make up Anambra State.

‘It is on record that I have bequeathed assets running into millions. It is on record too that I have worked in the Anambra State House of Assembly as a civil servant (legislative officer) and I understand the workings of the house, as I have taught elected house members how to move motions and make laws. This means I won’t be learning anything as I know how it works,’ said Ozalagba who is the chairman of his village, Ajani, which, he said, he had turned to a semi-urban community, while still advancing the cause of the village.

He said he had, without budgetary allocation, facilitated the installation of street lights, modern kitchen, 120 capacity pavilion, grading of roads, setting up of a computer centre with teaching facilities, procuring a social mobility shuttle to cushion emergency situations; specially at night.