Kudos to Police, FRSC, over Yuletide Performance

The yuletide period is over in Anambra State, with many returnees going back to their bases soon after. It was an eventful period in the state which witnessed a great influx of people from many parts of the country and beyond. Usually during such a period of frenetic activities, crime increases, just as the roads witness frustrating traffic gridlocks. Such was witnessed throughout the state over the last yuletide.

But what was very significant was the low rate of crime and the spirited attempt to ensure free flow of traffic by the state Police Command and the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Anambra Sector.

Their combined activities afforded the people of the state and the many visitors the opportunity to move about freely. Not much was heard about criminal activities and the little that was heard was quickly handled. We give kudos to the police and the FRSC for their good job.

However, we frown at the activities of motorists who tried to disobey traffic regulations at any given opportunity. These motorists were in the habit of forming double lines or more, rather than wait behind those ahead of them. Once this happened, the road became almost completely blocked, often forcing people to spend hours in the ensuing traffic jam.

The actions of politicians did not help matters too. Often when they came upon such gridlocks, the concern of their police escorts was merely to clear the traffic for their bosses who, on zooming off, had other motorists speeding behind them and causing more problems.

Many of such politicians also flouted the regulations on the use of sirens. Many of them, obviously not among those allowed to use sirens, used such to disturb public peace so unabashedly.

They also violated traffic lights in some cases by zooming past them, regardless of those already patiently waiting for the green light. We are, however, not aware of any of these violators being caught by the police or the FRSC.

In view of the problems caused by such traffic and siren violations, we suggest that stringent measures be established by concerned authorities to punish offenders. We are in a civilized society and must not allow the shameful actions of a few to bring misery to others. Those with such uncouth attitude must be put in their place.

These aside, we once more wish to congratulate the police and FRSC for a job well done, while hoping that such efforts will be sustained for everyone’s benefit.