Kudos to DOSAD for Giving Sporting Opportunities to Young School Leavers

…My Holiday Trips with DOSAD Sports

By Princess Chinecherem Efobi

Let me start this piece by thanking God Almighty for engineering my way into DOSAD Sports and FIDES Communications, all of Awka Catholic Diocese. Despite being a secondary school student, the two firms found me worth working for them.

I appreciate the DOSAD Director, Rev Fr Coach Obinna Dike and the entire DOSAD Priests, Staff and players for discovering me and pushing me on. I also thank the FIDES Director, Rev Fr Dr Martin Anusi and the FIDES family for creating this awesome Platform SCHOOL RUN. To you all my readers, I love you all. My holiday trips with DOSAD Sports were memorable. I wish to briefly share them with you.

As DOSAD Sports Media Personnel, I was at Aba Township stadium in August to watch Enyimba beat Cara FC of Congo one nil to qualify for the group stage of the CAF Confederations cup. Though it was not my first time of watching a local match live (having done that severally at FC Ifeanyi Ubah stadium Nnewi), I relished this as I was staying close to my mum and family who stay at Aba. After A strenuous academic session, cooling off with a high profile football match was the right thing. Add that my Director Fr Obinna was on hand to put me through the bits of media and sports.

September saw me join the crew of DOSAD Football Academy Enugwu Ukwu, Awka Diocese, on a football scouting program at Abuja. The event held September 15 to 18, 2018 at the FIFA Goal Project field of the Package B of the National Stadium Area 1, Abuja. My colleague and fellow media personnel, Ebuka (Bukado), was on hand to train me further on video and picture recording. I worked with the entire media teams on ground. Fr Obinna Dike was on ground also to brush me on the latest tips on sports reportage.

Permit me to veer off a little as I had to pop in to watch the African U 20, Volleyball Championship happening same time, same arena and saw young school leavers from over 20 African countries thrilling spectators with spectacular volleyball displays. It was memorable.

Back to DOSAD tour, over 200 players from teams across Nigeria between the ages of 15 and 21 took part in the DOSAD Sponsored football scouting program. Seven scouts and other agents from around the world gathered to pick players from the highly successful program. In fact, the GOAL Project arena was brimming with youths of various skin colours trading their tackles in footie and volley.

I was marveled at the vision of DOSAD Sports boss in creating this genuine platform to give talented youths a living from football. At the program, fresh school leavers got contracts to play professional football in Europe. There was no bias as to religion, tribe or colour. Fr Obinna Dike created a level playing field for all the participants. Kudos to my Oga. Congrats to the selected players. More luck to others in future deals.

As I congratulate DOSAD Director for his vision for youths both on and off school, I charge government, schools, businesses to emulate Fr Obinna Dike and Fr Martin Anusi for giving practical learning opportunities to students and school leavers in DOSAD and FIDES. My own experience is an example. Still in secondary school, I have been exposed to real life communication and sports endeavors. I have been stimulated by this just like many others who have passion for sports and communication. DOSAD and FIDES are changing lives. I thank God for being a beneficiary. Government and bodies can do more in this area.

My fellow students, make the best of your holidays. Visit and learn from interesting events and places. Build your profile. Disturb your family to get you attached to any firm during holidays for learning and small time jobs. But remember, NOT AT THE COST OF YOUR STUDIES.


Princess DOSAD and Twinkle DOSAD at Abuja
With my DOSAD MEDIA colleague Ebuka Egbewuike and some scouts at Abuja
With my Director behind and the array of scouts
Our talented DOSAD Football Academy players on tour
On professional duty at Abuja
With chief scout
Was there live when DOSAD director Rev Fr Coach Obinna Dike received a special award for his initiatives from the scouts at Abuja
At the U20 African Volleyball Championship at Abuja
With another scout at Abuja
Another selfie time with yet another scout

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