KSM, Amawbia Sub-Council, Visits Amawbia Prison

. . Donates Food, Cash Other Items

By Mike Nnamah

The Knights and Ladies of the Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba Nigeria, Amawbia Sub-Council, Wednesday, May 29, 2019, visited the Amawbia Prison and donated food items; money and other essential items.

The items presented to the inmates include, 8 coolers of cooked semovita foofoo and soup; 4 cartons of bars of soap 2 cartons of disinfectant; 2 cartons of Premier Soap 2 cartons of toilet soap 8 cartons of tissue papers; and 100 bags of sachet water, among others.

The Sub-Council donated fifty thousand Naira for the fumigation of the bed bugged cells. Bro. Joseph Odumodu, moved by the bad condition of the cells, promised to renovate the cells with fans and tile the floor estimated to cost over two million Naira. Also, Bro. Paulinus Onyeka donated the sum of one hundred thousand Naira for the face lift of the prison chapel.

The visit was led by the Grand Knight of the Sub-Council, Sir Anthony Nwike, who said that they came to the prison yard to share with their sorrows. He went further to remind them that no condition was permanent as every disappointment was a blessing.

He assured them that God knew everything, urging them to always praise God in any condition and to accept such condition whole heartedly without grumbling. He also advised them to make good use of the vocational training at the prison, noting that it would be well with them in future.

The Lady President, Lady Edith Nwike, said that God had plans for them, for good and not for bad and that they should not blame anybody about the situation they found themselves.
She advised them to equally take up the vocational training offered at the prison, while embracing God, as before long, their ordeal would be a thing of the past.

Earlier, the Chaplin of the Sub-Council, who is also the Chaplain of the prison, Rev. Fr. Valentine Ofomata, had appreciated the Knights and their Ladies for the visit.

He cited the biblical injunction of being their brothers’ keepers, as anything they did for their fellow man, was what they did for God.

He noted that the Knights, through this visit, were accomplishing their heavenly journey, and urged them not to relent. The Chaplain noted also that most of the inmates were
innocent but were languishing in the prison because they did not have anyone to speak for them, even as some were there because of little mistakes they made.

He said that each time he came to say mass for them, he always advised them to acknowledge that there were reasons that brought them to the prison yard.

On hand to receive the visitors was the Deputy Comptroller, Mr. Edwin Akabueze, who thanked the Knights and Ladies for the visit, pointing out that the welfare of the prison inmates was from the Church and other such organizations. He asked God to replenish the resources of the KSM/LSM of the Amawbia Sub-Council.

Also speaking, Mr. Ofoneme Enukora, the General Provost of the inmates, thanked the visitors, noting that they had not for a very long time, tested any cooked food as the ones brought to them by the Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba, Nigeria, Amawbia Sub-Council. He equally asked God to bless them for their good gesture but noted that out of the 425 inmates, only 10 of the number were convicted, while the rest were on awaiting trial list.

The visit featured praise singing and prayers by the inmates to the Knights and Ladies for their goodness. The session was led by the Chapel Catechist, Mr. Kenechukwu Nnatuanya.

In a related development, the Sub-Council also visited the Anambra State Chapter of the Association of Persons with Disabilities who had their general meeting that same day at St. Mathew’s Catholic Parish, Amawbia, same venue the Sub-Council holds her monthly meeting.
The KSM Chaplain who happens to be the Chaplain of the association, had asked the Sub-Council to come and visit the association at their meeting. Speaking at the meeting the Chaplain informed the association that he invited the KSM to come and see them with a view to remembering them in their programme of Annual Catholic Action.

Responding, the Grand Knight, Sir Anthony Nwike, promised to take cognizance of their plight in their future programme but donated the sum of thirty thousand Naira to the association.

The chairman of the association, Mr. Okeke Ugochukwu, thanked the Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba, Amawbia Sub-Council, for the donation and prayed God to bless them and their families.

The visits to the prisons and the association are among the cherished values and commitments of the Order which must be performed yearly as a means of alleviating the sufferings of the less privileged in society.


A cross-section of the Knights of St Mulumba, Amawbia Sub-Council, pose with their Chaplain before the visit to the Prison.
A cross-section of the Knights and their Ladies, pose with some members of the association after their general meeting.
Across-Section of the Knights and their Ladies St Mulumba, Amawbia Sub-Council, with their Chaplain, the Deputy Comptroller, Prisons, pose with their gift items.

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