Keep Your Vibration High

By Amarachukwu Okpunobi

There are many types of energy loss and various situations that cause them. They vary in the strength of the impact they have on us. In some situations, it’s enough to ground, cleanse and protect our energy. For others, we might need some specialised help. In this piece, Roxana Valea, gives us a practical idea of what energy is and what it is not. Keep reading…

We may be losing energy because this is how we have been accustomed to function. We may even not be aware that we are doing so on a regular basis and we may live life like a water tap left on. Once we realise this and we turn off that tap, we might be amazed to see what a difference that makes to our overall sense of well-being, vitality and capacity to manifest the life we want.

Let’s take a look at the most common type of energy drainages: thoughts and emotions.

A thought is a form of energy. It forms in someone’s mind and it’s directed at something. If that something or someone is you, it will travel towards your energy, and depending on the state you are in and the intensity of the thought, it may impact you.

These thoughts are often based on emotions and the lower the vibration of the emotion (like depression, anger, rage, jealousy, fear), the more destructive the energy of the thought directed towards you.

When thoughts are repeated often enough, they become thought-forms. These can be the repetitive thoughts of other people that have travelled to your energy and are sitting there in your energy field. Or they can be the expectations these people have of you, things they hope you do or don’t do, or they can be destructive thoughts based on the low vibrational emotions mentioned above. Or they can be your own destructive thought patterns that, through repetition, have started to hold a permanent place in your energy field.

Let’s take a look at how a low vibration emotion like envy can impact you.

Let’s say you just started a new relationship and are happily talking about how great you feel. Your single friend might send you envy. You get promoted at work and are congratulated by your colleagues. Likely many of those congratulating you will send you conscious or unconscious envy.

You get married and have a wonderful wedding reception with a lot of guests. Many of those guests who are not in a state of similar bliss will send you envy. Envy is so common these days that it has become perfectly socially acceptable to say “I’m so jealous” when you tell others about the holidays you have had, the car you have bought or the person you have fallen in love with.

Envy comes from people who are not solidly anchored in their power base. Often they are sad, unhappy, disillusioned and feeling low. They feel powerless to get what they want. So they try to take some of your power. Envy is an attempt to take your energy. They don’t really want your holiday, your promotion, your car, your job or your house. What they want is the energy increase they think these things have brought to you. They want to enjoy that feeling; they are hungry for that energy. What they absolutely don’t want and don’t think about is the effort it took you to get there.

They don’t want the work, the uncertainty, the decisions you had to take or the things you had to give up to be able to get there. When you talk about your holidays, no one wants to hear how much you paid and what sacrifices you had to make to be able to save that money. This is not on people’s agendas. All they want is the final product; they want to be you at that specific point in time. They want the energy load that comes to you from that particular achievement, recognition or fulfilment. To put it simply, they want your energy.

You open yourself up to envy by leaving a piece of your energy with the people who envy you. By trying to see yourself through their eyes. If your sense of self is not sufficiently anchored into your power base, you may try to subconsciously see yourself through the eyes of other people just to reinforce that you have indeed done well.

You may, consciously or not, try to impress them. This opens you up to their envy, to this form of energy robbery.

I am not saying that you should not celebrate your successes. On the contrary, celebrating and sharing successes reinforces them and the energy you get from these accomplishments. Go ahead and celebrate, talk about them. But do this from a place of inner strength, with all your energy called inside your body and grounded, do this protected and stay alert and aware of any form of envy that might enter your field.

Clean that off. Cut negative cords. Stay inside your energy field, don’t try to see yourself through the eyes of others, don’t try to impress, to get energy from their admiration or approval. Stay in your energy, stay in your power. If you are there, you will not be touched by their envy.

At work, make sure your energy is grounded, cleansed and protected before you start your day. Check the status of your energy throughout the day and be aware when that changes. If you feel something has entered your field, clean it away as soon as you can before it has time to stick.

Manipulation attempts are based on thoughts as well. People try to make you do or not do certain things. They think about this intensively. They even try to stir emotions in you to accomplish this, perhaps by making you feel guilty or fearful. Again, once your energy is grounded, cleansed and protected, their attempts will not reach you. If they do, if you feel suddenly affected by what someone else wants you to do, become aware and cleanse that energy away. Then protect your energy once more.

When you do this regularly, something happens. People around you start to perceive that it’s not easy to mess with your energy. They may attempt to manipulate you a few times, but when they see it does not work they will usually give up. Also, you may find that gradually you surround yourself with healthier people. Once you maintain and increase your level of energy, it will attract similar, cleaner energies around it.