Journey to the Promised Land

By Jude Atupulazi

Win or lose in the aftermath of the about to begin legal fireworks on the outcome of the presidential poll, not a few Nigerians believe that Peter Obi of the Labour Party has brought a new narrative to the politics of the country. It is the same Obi that first altered the political Arithmetic and calendar of the country through the courts.

First he made history as the first litigant to unseat a serving governor in 2006. He made another history by being the first governor to overturn an impeachment in Nigeria. Above all, he triggered staggered elections in the country after he got the Supreme Court to rule that his tenure began when he swore to the oath of office.

Thus, after the nation’s electoral umpire characteristically conducted a guber election in Anambra in 2007 when it ought not to have done that, Obi successfully had that election that produced Andy Uba quashed, while he was reinstated in his seat as governor of Anambra to continue from where his tenure stopped.

Since then many states have had similar scenarios, leading to gubernatorial elections not being held simultaneously across the country. That is prime Obi for you.

Today, after a rather long hiatus, he is back in familiar terrain. This time, he is trying to regain his stolen mandate from the behemoth called the All Progressives Congress, APC, probably the most corrupt party in Africa, whose candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was declared the winner of the presidential election clearly believed to have been won by Obi.

Like when he first set out to reclaim his guber mandate in Anambra, twenty long years ago, few are giving him a chance; not because his case is not good, but because of the situation in the country where corruption has overwhelmed virtually every institution.

But while many doubt the chances of Obi reclaiming his mandate, Obi himself is resolute that he will get it. Again that is vintage Obi. But then, the general belief is that win or lose, he has already set Nigeria on a new course which will lead to the Promised Land.

The write up which I have posted below by one Ike Chioke, aptly captures the Obi Phenomenon and I’m sure it will make your day.

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