Josephat Ogbuagu, Worthy of Emulation by Agulu Elite

By Okeke Osita

Professor Ogbuagu is from Umuolue Kindred in Umuowelle Village Agulu, Eventually that famous Agulu Lake is situated in their village. He is the Product of Bubbendorff Memorial Secondary School Adazi–Nnuku that Catholic Missionary College in the southeast which blazed the trail in more ways than one. Professor Josephat Ogbuagu is a chemistry Guru, who studied Chemistry to its apogee. He bagged his BSC in Pure Chemistry, MSC Analytical Chemistry and PhD Industrial Chemistry.
His astronomical education made him very humane, humble and honest, that is why he realized that he is a servant and not a lord to his People; after all, a Latin adage stated, “Summa Scientia nihil scire”;  that is to say that the height of wisdom is to know nothing”.
A big question arises: Is Professor Ogbuagu the only person in the helm of affairs of Nigeria? The answer to this question is that there are many academic titans in Nigeria that are in the high echelon but the bone of contention is, are they willing to help people around them? Some people are extremely selfish that they only know their immediate families and no other thing. After all, J.H Jowett stressed, “God does not comfort us to make us comfortable but to make us comforters”.
Moreso, President Mahatma Gandhi of India said, “There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.  “Great statues are never erected in honour of getters but givers”.
The philosophy became evident when Chief Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu – the Ikemba of Nnewi was interviewed in Cote d’Ivoire, formerly called Ivory Coast, during the period of his exile by the “NEWBREED” magazine. Hear them:-
NEWBREED: Your rich background is a common household information among Nigerians. With your education and lots of opportunities open to you after your university education, few expected you to join the army and according to information, your late father was against your enlisting in the force. The public would be interested to know what interested you in the army.
OJUKWU: I suppose that by the word rich, you refer to the fact that my father was of comfortable means. That, he most certainly, was and as a result of his hard work and success I was born in a certain degree of privilege. To me, all privilege, all property indeed, all knowledge are assets held by individuals in trust for the community of which they form a part. These assets only acquire value when put to the service of the people, thus a doctor is not doctor by virtue of his diploma but by virtue of the sick which he cures. The interrelationship between private property and the need of the community has been a major pre-occupation of mine for many years.
There is a slogan which most of Agulu People always say in vernacular:  “Oluoyibo ekwehelu Agulu” which means that civil or public service do not favour Agulu people but I am hereby contradicting this slogan because I believe that favourability of civil or public service depends on the character of a person in the helm of affairs. If the person is open-minded and humanitarian he will help other educated people, especially his relatives, to be employed in his field while it will be vice-versa when a wicked, selfish and rigid person is in the high echelon.
An adage stressed and that men at times in their life, are the masters of their faiths but their faults are not in their stars but in themselves.
Professor Josephat Ogbuagu is the provost of the famous Federal College of Education (Technical) Umunze and has used his authority as the head of the institution in question to empower and help many Nigerian Youths to secure employment in his school and other ministries. He also used his wherewithal to empower some of his relatives and other people in educational and business fields.
In the realm of religion, Professor Ogbuagu is one of the benefactors of St Joseph the Worker Catholic Parish, Awka. He has contributed immensely to the uplift of this chaplaincy.
Erudite professor, keep it up and continue with your magnanimity because according to Nicholas Butler, “The man who thinks only for himself is hopelessly uneducated, no matter how instructed he may be”.
Okeke Osita V, a social philosopher, writes from Agulu.

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