Joining Hands with Government to Build a Better Nigeria

Nigeria has just attained 58 years of nationhood. But one question begging for answers today is whether the country we have today is the one as dreamed by Nigeria’s founding fathers.

In retrospect, Nigeria is presently saddled with a lot of problems which include unemployment, insecurity, economical, environmental, infrastructural, and educational problems. Lawlessness and corruption are the order of the day and recession is no longer news.

Just recently, workers embarked on a nationwide strike and their demand was for the much talked about minimum wage. Bad leadership is like a second name to the country and the politicians have no ideology which explains the recent wave of defections by the political class.

It will therefore be true to state that Nigeria has been struggling with the same old problems since inception.

It gives neither joy nor hope to realize that there is likely no end in sight. The country’s leaders have simply failed the nation. They regularly travel abroad but learn nothing from what they see there. Rather than bring back the positives from their travels, they bring back the nagatives and the country remains mired in underdevelopment.

It is a sad commentary in the nation’s life that at this stage of her development, the citizenry cannot boast of quality and affordable healthcare, qualitative education, uninterrupted power supply, good roads and all those things that prove that a country is working.

It is also a country where human life is not valued and where the rule of law is only academic. It is a country where nothing virtually works. But still, every year, the government go through the ritual of celebrating the country’s independence from the colonial masters; even when it is wondered if that independence came a mite too early.

This is perhaps why it has become ever so imperative to change the narrative. We will continue to struggle with these problems unless we build the Nigeria as dreamed by those who midwifed the birth of the country.

It is time to think of what we can do for our country and not the other way round. We need to bring alive the spirit of patriotism in us by shunning nepotism, corruption, ethnicity, and all the vices that draw us back as a nation.

Patriotism includes making use of our franchise by obtaining our Permanent Voter Cards and actually turning out en mass to vote. By doing this, we can cause the needed change and elect people who can lift the country from the depths of underdevelopment and make her to rub shoulders with her peers.

We all have a duty to nation building. Let us join hands with the government at every level and perform our duties to nation building. Together, we can make Nigeria remain the giant of Africa.

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