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JAMB Score Saga: God Wants To Use Mmesoma To Bless Her Family – Prophet Dan

By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu

Prophet Dan Okechukwu Ezeudoka has brought glad tidings for the victimized Mmesoma Ejikeme. This prophecy came amidst social media condemnations following the allegation by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB, that Mmesoma doctored her UTME result to clench the highest scorer position.

Speaking to the press, Tuesday, July 4, Prophet Dan charged the said young lady and her family not to panic as God has revealed He would use the unfolding drama to lift Mmesoma up and bless her family, her society through her, beyond Africa.

Prophet Ezeudoka said, ‘By the grace of God, I am prophet Ezeudoka Okechukwu from Udorji, Uruagu Nnewi.

‘I have been disturbed in the spirit for some days now with what I saw on social media over Mmesoma Ejikeme and the controversial 2023 UTME.

‘I felt for her and prayed to God Almighty. God now opened my eyes and said I should tell the whole family and the young girl in question not to panic.

‘God said she should not panic. That his hands are upon her. That he has remembered her in a Mighty way. The emphasis is on “Mighty Way”.

“That you should not panic. What I see upon you is beyond Africa. The mighty grace upon you is beyond Africa. People will see what they call Grace. Mighty favour and Mighty Grace. Not just grace but extraordinary grace upon you. So, my sister do not panic over what you are seeing or your experiences. It is just the way God wants it to happen so that he will use stupid things to make things beautiful. Those stupid things are people’s selfish interest…I want to tell you that outside what you are seeing, what is ahead of you will marvel you. You will be surprised and speechless.

‘So, do not allow any of these things happening now to disturb your mind. God is in control. God is with you. Mighty hand of God almighty is upon you. The Mighty One. I saw grace. Mighty Grace outside and above Africa. Be focused and remember God always. That God who remembered you. It is written even from the day you were born. He will never disappoint you.

God wants to use you to remember the whole of your family and your state. I am not telling you because you scored high in UTME but I am talking to you as a prophet. Check my prophecies in the past. World prophecies. I am from Nnewi and that is why I took special interest in your case. God wants to use you.

Take note. You will see what will happen… God wants to use people you don’t know to change your life. God spoke to me on Sunday about you. Even on Monday, July 3, God repeated this message to me again. I am releasing this message to you.

‘Take note, no evil hand will locate you. Anyone that tries, that day the person’s assignment will be over. Everything about such a person will be expired. And every evil eye from your kinsmen. I saw hatred. I saw grudges. I saw malice. I saw unnecessary hatred here and there.

Envy upon you from your kinsmen. I am telling you as a prophet that no negative hand will stop your blessings. I saw many people that are more intelligent than you and yet their lives was wasted. Your own will benefit your family…Mmesoma remember me in your paradise. You are blessed in the name of Jesus. That blessing shall be permanent. God said you should not be afraid of anybody but fear only God. I saw you outside Africa. Your blessing is above Africa. Take note and do not be discouraged. See whatever that is going on now as a blessing to you.”