Invest in Education to Reduce Poverty, Insecurity – Obi

By Uche Amunike

Former Anambra Governor, Peter Obi, has again called on government at all levels to see investment in education as a veritable tool in the war against poverty, insecurity and other societal ills in Nigerian society.

Obi made this remark in his message to mark the International Day of Education, 2022. He explained that he had always believed, preached, practiced and advised the government to see their financial commitments in the education sector as investments and not expenses, saying that the more government invested in education, the better the economic growth and development society enjoyed.

He argued that with investment in education, the issues of insecurity and poverty would be greatly reduced. He stated that education was the most important tool for the socio-economic, political, scientific and technological advancement of any society, and that it was a tool for poverty eradication and human development.

The former Governor reiterated that education was the most important investment any nation could make and observed that most of the ills being experienced in Nigeria were results of past and present non-attention to education. He called on government at all levels to always prioritize educational investment.

Obi further advised all Nigerian students to always take their education seriously as it remained the only capital they needed and would lead them to greater heights in life.