Influx of Northerners to the South: Need for Vigilance

In the past few days, reports have been rife in online and mainstream media regarding the influx of able bodied young men from the north to southern parts of the country. There have also been reports of the movement of urchins, otherwise known as almajeris, from same north to the south. These movements, notably in trucks and trailers conveying goods, are made regardless of the nationwide closure of borders and curfew.

What is of concern to the people of the south is that these movements are coming after the Government of Kano State gave a quit notice to the almajeris in Kano State, declaring them as surplus to requirements. And almost immediately reports started emanating as to how such people and others started migrating to the south despite the nationwide curfew imposed by the Federal Government.

The fear is that sponsors of terrorism may be using the cover of the curfew to sneak terrorists into unsuspecting host states with a view to causing havoc later.
Probably following this worrisome development, Gov Obiano of Anambra State banned the coming into the state of any vehicle within the curfew hours, be they vehicles conveying essential commodities or not.

This is commendable, even though coming a bit late.
The slight lateness of the action comes in the wake of reports of how security personnel at the borders of Anambra take bribe from motorists and other travellers and allow them to leave and enter the state.

It was in this way that one of the latest COVID-19 index cases in Anambra entered the state from Kano where the virus has been very high. Where did he drop from? From the skies? Not likely.

He must have clearly compromised security officials at the border, just as many others like him had done and are doing, and entered the state.
The porosity of our borders means we are neither safe from the virus nor from any evil machination by terrorists.
We have long complained about the porosity of our borders which concerned authorities have been debunking.

But the facts that keep unfolding about the porosity of our borders means that we have to be vigilant in our communities by asking questions of non-Igbo strangers, especially from the north.

Although not all persons from the north are bad, the zone has nevertheless been the hotbed of terrorism. Therefore being vigilant is in order.
We believe that if every community takes proactive steps towards securing their place sooner; rather than later, we may just avoid the calamity that a growing number of people view as inevitable.

Given the nonchalant attitude of the FG to killings in the country by Fulani herdsmen, no one could be blamed for interpreting the recent developments as calculated.
While other Southeast governors are advised to toe the path taken by Obiano, the leaders in the communities are enjoined to equally take drastic measures against the unforeseen
The FG has notoriously failed to safeguard host communities against attack by terrorists and this is not about to change now.

Let’s all therefore take our destiny in our hands and embark on preventive actions against whatever may come.

A stitch in time still saves nine.

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