Industrialist Advises IPOB to Reconsider Election Boycott

Chief Francis Nwabachili displaying his voter card

. . . Urges Churches to Mobilize Members

By Jude Atupulazi

Boycotting the 2019 General Elections will not be in the interest of the Biafra agitation as the return of President Muhammadu Buhari will effectively kill off any chances of realizing it. This was the view of a Nimo-based industrialist, Chief Francis Nwabachili, who spoke to Fides in his office in Nimo.

Nwabachili, MD/CEO of Safanaco Technical Industries Ltd, said the threat by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to boycott the general elections unless there was a referendum, would be not only against Nigeria’s interest, but would spell the end of the clamour for the realization of Biafra as such a boycott could favour the return of Buhari.

According to Nwabachili, the first and most important thing to do was to remove Buhari and elect someone who would guarantee equal opportunities for Nigerians, irrespective of party, tribe or religion.

He argued that only a restructured Nigeria would guarantee such opportunities as everyone would thrive maximally without hindrance.

‘It is only if Buhari is removed and a better person comes on board that Nigeria can be restructured to give equal opportunities to all, including the Biafra agitators. What we have now is a situation where they are hounded, arrested and harassed by the Federal Government. How then can they achieve their Biafra dream,’ he queried.

He therefore called on the members of IPOB to vote and remove Buhari first in order to be free to carry on with the pursuit of their dream in a freer Nigeria.

He also called on churches to embark on massive mobilization of the electorate against the perceived fear of their votes not counting, noting that such fears were induced by the Buhari government in order to make people opposed to him not to vote.

He urged churches which worshipped on Saturdays to allow their members to participate in the elections as the future of the nation was at stake.

‘The churches should encourage people to vote only for those who are capable of representing them well; rather than those who only focused on their salaries and did nothing.

As for the youths, he urged them to shun being used for election malpractices but should tell those who wanted to use them to produce their children first.