In the Spirit of the Season

It is Christmas, that season when Christendom celebrates the birth of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. It is supposedly a season of love and sharing; a season when we also celebrate our humanity. Down here, it is a season that means a lot more to our people who use the opportunity to return from their various places to reunite with their families and friends. Sadly, however, it is also a season that usually witnesses bizarre happenings; meaning that the essence of the season is lost on some people.

Indeed, the essence of Christmas has been turned on its head by some people who see it as an opportunity to show off and tell the world that they have arrived. Long before this period, they undertake all manner of dubious acts in order to make money and then show off. That, definitely, is not in the spirit of Christmas.

More tragic also, is the fact that society seems to ennoble such persons by recognizing them in one form or the other in the various communities, thus eroding the value system.

As we therefore celebrate Christmas, we urge everyone to hold fast to the true essence of what is being celebrated. The poor and needy should be factored into our celebrations; for, indeed, it makes no sense that anyone should be calling a feast and taking a title when their poor neighbour has nothing to eat. It is better that such a poor neighbour is first taken care of before food and money is wasted, especially as Christ, whom we celebrate, enjoins us to care for the poor.

Everyone should look around them and see how they could help others by spreading and extending the joy of the season to them, for, of what need is such a season when only a few are happy?

This is no season for showing off ill-gotten or blood money; neither is it a season for recognizing and celebrating fraudsters just because we need their money, either individually or as a community. We should be ready to condemn what is not in tandem with the spirit of the season, knowing full well that the seed we sow today is what will germinate for us tomorrow.

Let the focus be on what will positively benefit the people and give hope for a brighter future. The end should not justify the means.

We all have many reasons to be thankful to God in a year that has taken a great toll on human lives owing to the coronavirus pandemic   and that is why the essence of the season should, and must not, be lost on us. It is the only way for the

celebration to have real meaning.

We wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy New Year.