Impact of Feast of Christ the King on Catholics

On November 24, the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Christ the King, also known as the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ the King of the Universe. It is a festival celebrated in the Catholic Church in honour of Jesus Christ as the King of the universe and Lord over all creation. It is usually celebrated on the last day of the Liturgical Year, thereby ushering in the Advent.

It was originally celebrated on every last Sunday in October, but in the revised Liturgical Calendar, it was established and proclaimed by the Pope to reassert the sovereignty of Christ and the Church over all forms of government.

The feast of Christ the King basically reminds Christians of the Kingship of Christ and His royalty over all creation, Christians are also reminded of the fidelity and loyalty they owe to Christ, who by His incarnation and sacrificial death on the Cross, has made them adopted children of God and future citizens and heirs of the kingdom of heaven.

The feast, in earlier times, was also a reminder to the totalitarian governments of Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin that Jesus Christ was the only sovereign King. The spiritual king and ruler who ruled by truth and love.

This feast has a great impact on every Christian. Having declared our loyalty to Him, we are expected to show it by the quality of our Christian commitment which is expressed with our serving of others with sacrificial and forgiving love and by our solidarity with the poor.

It is a call to discipleship. If we have proclaimed Him as King by faith, we ought to also do the same with the content of our character.

If He is king, then we must obey and serve Him!