Igboka Warns against Spreading of False Rumours on Zoning in Njikoka 11

By Jude Atupulazi

A former House of Assembly member for Njikoka 11 State Constituency, Chief Sir Frank Anthony Igboka, has warned those peddling what he calls false rumours on the zoning of the House of Assembly seat in the constituency to desist from that as there was never such an arrangement in the first place.

Igboka who is the president general of Nimo Town Development Union, NTDU, sounded this note of warning against the backdrop of claims in some quarters that the assembly seat has been zoned.

Speaking to Fides in his country home in Nimo, Igboka, one time senior special adviser on political matters to the Anambra State Government, said that presidents general, as representatives of the people in the grassroots, even though apolitical, should be in the know of any political arrangement in their areas, failing which such arrangements would be a nullity.

He insisted that there was never any arrangement on the zoning of House of Assembly seat in Njikoka 11 and that the only seat zoned was that of chairmanship. Buttressing his point, he recalled that at every point, the House of Assembly seat had always been hotly contested by all the communities in Njikoka 11, pointing out that if it had been zoned, only the affected community would produce candidates.

He said if the Assembly seat had been zoned, it would also have affected that of the National Assembly.

‘There has never been any zoning arrangement for House of Assembly in Njikoka 11. Let’s be careful about how we push our people into controversies. There’s no election into the House of Assembly that has been seriously contested by every party cross the communities. If it was zoned, it would have affected the National Assembly.

It is only the chairmanship that we agreed would go clan by clan. People should be very careful in taking decisions for others,’ he warned.

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