Ideal Family of An Average Nigerian

By Amarachi Okpunobi

Mr. Barry kept to himself for a while before lashing out on Chijioke who have been sitting down on the couch like a statue. The family has since been set ablaze from the time Mr. Barry realized that none of his children dared to follow his footsteps. His wife must be a good actress all this while because she knew that their kids were nothing more or less deceits. His voice shook the foundation of the house and Nkechi became frightened, she has not seen her father in such high tempered mood. Jidenna, the last son, would definitely write a script with the actions of their father after the meeting. Certainly, Chijioke will compose and make wonderful lines of poem about his father once again and probably soliloquize about the agonies of the boy child. He would tell of the expectations from the boy child, the fears and the tears of the boy child. Hope has it that the publication of the poem will add another leaf of award to his numerous awards of literature. Kamso, Daddy’s pet, the last born would definitely sue everyone to court with words. Ahhh! Thanks to their mother who seemingly undersood their plight.

Chijioke was the first son and the first child too and as such Mr. Barry expected that he takes after him but the reverse was the case. Chijioke chose to be a literally a man. Mr. Barry is a politician who believes that one does not need to suffer since one is in Nigeria hence there is a better and faster way of making cool money and that was through politics. ‘Is there any politician in Nigeria that is not happy or does not put adequate meal on his table?’ He would always ask rhetorically.

Chijioke had scored a good grade in his first sitting of JAMB but of course, Mr Barry will definitely not allow his first son to be a pauper for the quest of studying whatever literature in the University. ‘He surely will not spend his hard earned money to pay school fees for such a poor course’, he thought. Chijioke again nailed it in his second sitting for JAMB, this time higher than the previous one. Chijioke who was left on the bench of paying his school fees or rather manipulate papers bearing his name as a student of Uniben studying Political Science in the department of Social Sciences. Wise enough, he chose the later and his mother became a backing stone, his special adviser.

What Mr. Barry couldn’t comprehend was the fact that he slept under the same roof with his wife and she dared hid such from him. That wasn’t enough, she allowed it for complete four years. What aggravated his anger was that he ignorantly paid for Chijioke to become an ordinary poet. How can he possibily the face his counterparts who have their children fixed as ghost workers in different positions of government offices. Chijioke had refused to join the train, presenting a certificate of the best graduate in the department of literature was the worst nightmare his son could give him. Was he going to eat all those plaques and paper called awards he had earned from the school. Was those things going to make his bank account greener.

Jidenna, on the other hand, have refused to let the ink get dried in his hands. In writing, he has found joy and happiness and passion. Mr. Barry would get angered by the litters of paper any time he enters Jidenna’s room. Severally, he had questioned Jidenna if he would ever make money with his script writing. It’s no hidden fact in the family that Jidenna has been having challenges with his work. In as much as he had written, his works were always considered as trash till he met Nenye who gave him a lift to the movie industry and that put a little smile on Mr. Barry’s face.

Kamso was Mr Barry’s favourite. A lawyer was what Mr. Barry had also wanted in his family. ‘Kamso is a true daughter of his father’ he would say to himself.

Nkechi, the ther daughter had bluntly refused to go back to medical school after she fall led twice a level. Her father had the best words to describe her nonchalant attitude towards medicals, ‘You can’t be an actress, not under my roof’, Mr Barry will always remind Nkechi.

Regardless of how good an actress Nkechi is, not in the family headed by My. Barry. He is a politician, period! His status must be upheld. Actresses don’t marry, how many of thier marriages do you see succeed in this nation?, he has once asked Nkechi rhetorically. You will definitely not be a baby Mama or whatever your generation calls it. Your life should represent me and not otherwise. You have my blood and as such, must hear my word!

It was time for Mother to talk. She has always wanted her kids to be their best at every thing they do. Their happiness was her priority, and their passion she continued to feed. She had understood that success and wealth can be met from different routes. Just do your best and be the best. Her kids can be stars in the sky with little but big things they find their hands to do. Be yourself and be you! She concluded.