I Love You All, But It’s Time to Say Goodbye

By Uche Amunike

I want to start this piece by thanking the Almighty for his Grace which I have received in abundance in all the years I worked in this great establishment called FIDES. It has been nine long years of beautiful moments which I will forever treasure. My heart is bursting with so much gratitude as I cast my mind back to my first time in this noble establishment.

I recall not really knowing people in Awka but at the same time, being expectant of the impact I would make and knowing the kind of person I am, I truly knew I was going to leave footprints that would be indelible, no matter how short or long my stay would be.

That’s the kind of positive vibe I carry around me. I am a positive thinker and at the risk of sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet, I do not belong to a place, professionally or otherwise, without leaving a mark. I’m like the proverbial gold fish that has no hiding place. I’m like a star that never knows how to dim. A star that refused to dim even if it really felt like it.

A star that only knows the art of twinkling and sparkling like the proverbial diamond in the sky. Wow! I truly am sounding my trumpet. I guess it’s the feeling you get when you have made a thorough assessment of your stewardship in a given place and realize you truly were a treasure to them.

Let me thank the first Director I worked under, as I joined Fides Media in 2013. He is the tall, dark and quiet but very cerebral Monsignor Jerome Madueke, who in so many ways, taught us discipline in the great Fides Media.

I remember not being too close to him as he wasn’t really a sociable person. I would run into him at work, quietly exchange pleasantries as curtly as was possible and be on my way.

The funny thing is, I’m not sure he knew my first name in the three years I worked with him. You know why? Because he always called me ‘Amunike’. I always felt the need to point out to him that it was wrong to call me my surname, but somehow, I saw myself getting used to it and let it slide. So, a few times our parts crossed after he completed his stay in Fides, he still called me ‘Amunike’. Funny, right? Lol.

I really want to thank that most intelligent deep thinker and great boss, Monsignor Jerome Madueke, for all he did to make me a better journalist while under his watch. He truly is a good man. God bless you, Monsignor. I will always appreciate you!

After the great Monsignor, came a successor, Rev. Fr. Martin Anusi. He took over and brought with him, a great transformation plan for Fides! Oh yes, he did! Shortly after he took over, he digitalized Fides and introduced some nice changes that bordered on welfare. A most welcome set of changes, too! Dr Anusi was a great Administrator and his arrival was not just transformational, but humane.

He believed in looking for the least talent in his workers and built them up. He believed in building human relationships that made members of staff feel a certain level of family! We called ourselves the Fides Family and even as a guest, when you visit Fides for the first time, you would truly understand and indeed, feel that sense of family. It was beautiful.

Let me at this point,  thank him for all the love and support he showed me as I worked under him in the last six years. He was a friend, brother, father, confidant and boss, all roled into one. I particularly thank him, on behalf of my family for all those years he stood by me as I struggled to survive the vicissitudes of life, especially as I had about three undergraduates in different universities, trying to give them the best.

He was always there to give great counsel and even support through loans back then. Today, I have four graduates and two undergraduates and looking back now, it could only be God! Thank you, dearest Fr Martin, for all your prayers before and after the domestic accident that almost cost me the use of my right hand. My God will surely continue to bless and keep you! Daalu, Nnam.

I very specially thank Fr Obinna Dike. Omalicha fada nwelu ezigbo obi. He had two apostolates. The first one is football, while the second is ‘adding value to people ‘s lives. A kindhearted gentleman and a great priest. In those two apostolates, Fr Obi has outstandingly carved out a niche for himself and I am so proud of him.

Fr Pio-Anthony was the fourth pea in the pod. He handled the Fides farm perfectly and that in itself brought a different vibe to all that Fides stood for and was known for. He did so well and it still boiled down to being supported by your superiors who believe in your capabilities and direct you towards making them worthwhile. These great men did great things in their very different ways and I truly appreciate them. Thank you all for the different parts you played in my life. I never EVER forget a favour.

I thank the Editor-in-Chief, Mr Jude Atupulazi for playing his role as our immediate boss in the Newsroom. He truly is a great teacher and co-worker. So many of us in Fides became better workers because of his amazing style of teaching us all we needed to know. Oga Editor, thanks for all the time you believed in me.  I wish you the very best. Keep making  impact and investing in human development. God bless you always.

I was many things while I worked with Fides and will end this piece by reposting my farewell post to the Fides Family WhatsApp platform 30-11-22. Here it goes:

It’s Goodbye from the Queen!!!

Well! Well!! Well!!! My beautiful family of love. Much as I love you all and have really enjoyed being showered with so much love, I take pride in announcing that I am leaving Fides. I actually resigned yesterday.

It’s been 9 long years and I have so much to thank God for.

I came to Awka in 2013 as a new kid on the block! I however thrived in 9yrs and became a household name both in government circles, my place of work and the media world generally.

I remember with pride that I was made Executive Assistant to Governor Obiano while in Fides; I was a member of the Governor’s Media Team at some point; I was the Chairman of the Committee that planned the first Media Summit ever to be held in Anambra State. An event that had the likes of the Governor, his Deputy, entire Exco of the state government, the academia and industrialists in the state.

Need I mention Media houses from the South Eastern Geopolitical Zone. It happened successfully because I was the pilot behind the wheels; I was also appointed to represent the Media in the last Synod held in Awka Diocese about 5 years ago. I could go on and on.I’ve indeed had an eventful 9years! No dulling at all!!

However, it’s time to go and I’m excited about this leap of faith, because I see the future shining as bright as the stars in a dark night!

I am filled with so much love for you all, but it’s time to move a step ahead in this profession. I will continue to thank you all for the massive love I have enjoyed all these years.

To the Management, I wish you all the best of luck! To Jude, God is your strength as you keep doing what you know how to do best! I appreciate you. To Lady Nwadi, you’re the best, really!!! To Chioma, please keep improving. You’re an amazing reporter! To Abuchi, jisike, Nnaa! To Chyddo, thanks for everything!! To all the staff of Fides, you guys are amazing!

As I sign out from the building, I assure you all that I will always breeze in when I can.

Its goodbye from here! Daalu nu ooooo.

While I thank Fides for all the opportunities that came my way because I was their member of staff, I ask God to make Fides Media Limited better and bigger! Amen and Amen!!!!