I Don’t Want My Ambition to Distance Me from God – Okonkwo

By Jude Atupulazi

A leading contender for the governorship ticket of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, High Chief Dr Obiora Okonkwo, says his overriding desire remains to make heaven, even as he will like to do that while serving humanity as governor of Anambra State.

Okonkwo stated this last Tuesday in his country home, Ogidi, after the visit of the South East Zone of the PDP, led by the Vice Chairman, South East, Mr Ali Odefa, who came to condole with him on the demise of his mother.

Okonkwo; who said he had done a few things in his individual capacity to serve God and humanity, said he wanted a bigger platform to do that, noting that the office of governor would provide that platform.

He however said he would sooner drop that ambition if it happened to stand between him and God, thus not making heaven.

He said that at the outset of his entry into the governorship race, he had told God that if it pleased him and he could be used as an instrument to come in and help change the system and make positive impact on the people, as well as glorify God’s name through his governance, that he was presenting himself to God to be so used.

He however quickly noted that he had equally asked God not to allow him to become governor if becoming such would distance him from God.

His words, ‘I told God, ”If it pleases you and you think I could be used as an instrument to come in and help and make an impact on the people and glorify your name, I present myself to you. Choose me.

‘ ”But I added a caveat in my prayer that if by any means getting into that position (governor) will not be, among others, for the purpose of helping me to get closer to the doors of heaven and getting close to you, by engaging in things that will glorify you on earth, let this not happen”.’

Okonkwo, who expressed the belief that governance could be used to be of service to humanity and do the will of God, regretted that politics had been given a bad name because good people allowed the bad ones to dominate it.

Okonkwo, who said he drew inspiration from the likes of the late Julius Nyerere of Tanzania who exemplified selfless leadership and service to humanity, said he had packaged a programme based on needs assessment that would lead the state out of the woods.

‘We are not going to make excuses, we know the needs of the people,’ he assured.