Humble Yourselves for Service – Fr Anene

By Ifeoma Ezenyilimba

The Director of the Catholic Diocese of Awka Archbishop A.K. Obiefuna Retreat, Pastoral and Conference Centre, Okpuno, Rev Fr Emeka Anene, has charged people of all strata to humble themselves for services to others, saying that humility makes an individual.

Rev Fr Anene, who stated this in his homily, when he led in a concelebrated Holy Mass at the Good Shepherd Chapel of the Archbishop Obiefuna Retreat, Pastoral and Conference Centre, Okpuno, Awka South L.G.A, Anambra State, on Sunday, September 1, 2019, observed that one would not be humble by trying to belittle himself, but through service to others.

He warned all against making boast of their God-given gifts, intelligence, wealth and even character, but instead make the best out of them. Fr Anene noted that the gifts God gave to his people were to advance the course of others.

The Catholic priest added, ‘Like St Vincent the Paul, a humble person must consider as masters, those he helps. A humble person puts his resources and abilities at the service of others. There is need for all to humble themselves in service. A Christian is ever practicing to remain better, and the call to humility, is to strive to be better’.

Rev Fr Anene, who based his reflections on the readings of the Sunday, pointed out that God wanted all to move away from the comfort ability they were used to, and do something extraordinary with the willingness to recongnise and serve the lame, the blind and the poor without expecting anything in return. He stated that the most important persons in Christian gatherings were the people that serve, like the warders in the Church.

He chided those that had the mentality that priests would not move about without cars, go to stores to pick the items that they needed and even serve others, to desist from such, saying that priests also live uncomfortable lives.

Reflecting further on the second reading of the Sunday (Hebrews 12:18-19), the Catholic priest exhorted all against lifestyles that would obstruct the rights they had as co-heirs of Mount Zion.

According to Fr Anene, ‘At Mount Zion, the city of the living God, Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for his people, and made them co-heirs of the kingdom of heaven. He noted that in the new religion of Christianity which Christ called his people into, all were given the privilege to interact personally with God, without intermediaries. The priest charged all to focus on Mount Zion, the city on the living God, and not to dwell in ‘Mount Horeb of old’.

He added that Jesus as God desired to always be with his people, and to be with Jesus, one must humble himself, and take the form of Jesus Christ, who called all to that all-important inheritance.

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