Hope Foundation Makes Life Better in Ogbaru LGA

By Sunny A. Ijomah

The founder of Hope Foundation, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Obiora Udeze has made life better for the people of Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The people are now counting their blessings as Hope Foundation has arrived in their area to eradicate poverty and prevalence.

Hope Foundation which was established on December 8, 2018 and owned by Ossamalla-born philanthropist Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Obiora Udeze “Ugochara-acha” recently, organized a football tournament in Ogbaru as part of what she has in stock for the people of Ogbaru and mostly youths in general.

However, Dr. Mrs. Obiora Udeze who was conspicuously present at Atani Central School, a venue where HRH Odua Nwanyi Adaeze Ngoddy celebrated with children of Atani, told journalists that she was organizing a football tournament as part of her foundation aim to make Ogbaru better.

“The grand opening of Hope Foundation Medical Center is the fulfillment of a dream. Since I was a child I have always prayed and wished that if God blessed me with funds, I would devote such to care of the people.

“I grew up in an environment of much love and affection. I want to express my love to the hopeless and helpless members of our society. That is why we call it Hope Foundation.

“I want to give hope. I strongly believe that health is wealth and with ill health all things do not matter as only getting well will be priority. I am grateful to God who provided the funds for me to see my dreams come to reality.

“I also want to call upon our people to avail themselves of the facility to take care of their health. You and I know that several people have died in Nigeria for lack of medical facilities or the high cost of it.

“Our giving of hope to the hopeless is not just in medical terms, We hope to empower several people with support in varied ways on the day of the commissioning.”

Asked how she intends to manage the hospital when she lives abroad, Dr. Mrs. Obiora Udeze also known to many as Ugochaluacha said “We have employed the best qualified persons to run and manage the health center. But I trust that God Almighty who made the dream to come to reality would definitely supervise its management.

Her words “The name of my Foundation is Hope Foundation. We do empowerment; we help people who are helpless. We help a lot of families so that they can be on their own and be able to raise their kids. The main thing we do in Hope Foundation is free Medical Clinic.

“We have medical department and medical experts so, any person from Ogbaru should not pay Kobo, just only to go and get treated and that is what we do before football competition. We try to take the youths in the street and keep them busy and that is the purpose of organizing the football tournament”.

She further expounded that she gains nothing from the Foundation, adding that she is not a politician and her motive of setting up the Foundation was to alleviate the people of Ogbaru from penury and improve their health, even as she revealed that the poverty level in Ogbaru is 90% as many people cannot afford three square meal.

The founder of Hope Foundation, Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Obiora Udeze.