Hon Ifedioranma: Serving God and Man in Politics

Are you a public servant? Are you in a position where the people expect much from you? Do you owe your present position to the people? We are introducing a forum through which you can reach your people and tell them how you are serving them. Welcome to Fides’ Report Card with Jude Atupulazi.
The very first person to answer the call is the member representing Njikoka 1 Constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon Dr. Timothy Ifedioranma. Soft spoken and deeply religious, Ifedioranma is a minister of God. Driven by the desire to serve his people, he came down from abroad to do just that and won election to represent his people in the state legislature; a task he has been doing so well, being one of the leading voices there.
The Nawfia-born legislator who is approaching the end of his first tenure in the House, says he is delighted and excited to be his people’s voice in government and is quite happy to have brought his input as a man of God to the fore in politics.
He is not however too pleased with the attitude of some people who never seem satisfied, no matter what one does for them. The legislator who, however, sees this as part of the challenges of being a public officer, categorises such challenges into two.
The first is what he identifies as the human factor in which he describes some people as insatiable, despite all that is done for them. He however draws solace from the fact that Christ could not satisfy everybody. ‘It’s a challenge because politicians who are selfless find this frustrating after going all the way to satisfy the people with the lean resources available,’ he says.
He cites the case of the state governor, Willie Obiano, who despite doing his best to provide for the people against all odds, still has some people questioning what he has done.
‘I’ve had to bend backwards often times to try to satisfy them, yet there are people who don’t appreciate. It’s a challenge,’ he says.
The lawmaker identifies the second challenge as lean resources, regretting that public servants are often misrepresented and assessed beyond their capacity and thus expect too much from them. He is not very bothered by this though, as he rather sees such a challenge.
‘I will like to provide much for my people but the resources are not enough; a situation I also see as a challenge,’ he says.

It is not all a tale of woes, however, as Dr Ifedioranma has been busy delivering democracy dividend to his constituents comprising Enugwu-Ukwu, Nawfia and Enugwu-Agidi, through provision of infrastructure, award of scholarships, among others. To date, those on his scholarship scheme, which he was sponsoring long before he became a legislator, are not less than 186, even as he refuses to mention names, saying it is left for God.
The democracy dividends which he has provided to his constituents are spread across the three communities under his jurisdiction.
In Enugwu-Ukwu, he has renovated four classroom blocks at Okutalukwe Primary School, fixed broken pavements at Girls’ Secondary School, and given scholarships to the students, just as he has appreciated the teachers.
At Adagbo Avomimi, still in Enugwu-Ukwu, he sank a borehole, while also doing another one at the maternity centre at Enu Avomimi.
He has also provided 15 solar lights at different locations in the town; just as he finished a five-room house in the compound of a late chairman of APGA. He is also attending and sponsoring church events.
In Nawfia he built a 12-room toilet facility at the Girls’ school for students and teachers, as well as provided a manual borehole and generator.
At Comprehensive Secondary School, he renovated and tarred their chapel, a feat that drew plaudits from the school management and Bishop Alex Ibezim. He is also sponsoring many students there on scholarship. He is also erecting a five-bedroom maternity facility which is on the roofing stage, and also building a hall and renovating the borehole there.
At the Psychiatry Hospital in Nwafia, Hon Ifedioranma is digging a new borehole and overhead tank. Before now, the place had no water. He has also installed five solar lights at different locations, while he is currently constructing culverts in front of St Michael’s Anglican Church by Afor Nawfia.

In Enugwu-Agidi, the lawmaker has renovated the Physics/Chemistry Lab at the Government Technical College, as well as roofed and equipped it. He also bought a welding machine for the college, plus the usual scholarship award to students.
He has graded the road leading to the college also, as well as the road leading to a market there.
The house member is currently renovating a maternity facility at Ebe Ezi Emeni and also constructing concrete seats at the square in the area in place of the one constructed with bamboo by the village, even as  another one has been constructed in front of the house of one Umeano, replete with a car port for the roofing. The place is used for meetings now. He is equally sinking a fresh borehole there.
The lawmaker has also installed five solar lights at strategic places in the community.
As part of efforts to unify the community, Hon Ifedioranma sponsored a unification football competition organized by the parish priest of St John.
According to the lawmaker, all he has done and been doing are in fulfilment of his promise to God and to the people during electioneering; a commitment he plans to continue to the best of his ability and availability of funds.

One of numerous solar lighting projects undertaken by Hon Ifedioranma in one of his constituencies

A promoter of education, Hon Ifedioramma shakes hands with one of the numerous beneficiaries of his scholarship scheme.

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