Holy Ghost Fire, Not a Curse But Blessing – Bishop Isizoh

By Sunny A. Ijomah

The Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha His Lordship Most Rev. Denis Isizoh recently called on Christians to stop calling Holy Ghost fire as a weapon to destroy the enemy.

According to him, Holy Ghost fire is not a curse but a blessing, stating that whenever you employ Holy Ghost fire in order to attack the evil one, you are not only raining blessing on that person, but you are wishing the person good.

The Auxiliary Bishop reminded the faithful that when disciples of Christ received Holy Ghost fire in the upper room as promised by our Lord Jesus Christ, they were transformed, emboldened and the spirit of fear left them and they started preaching Christ boldly.

“In other words, Holy Ghost fire didn’t  hurt them, but rather blessed and empowered them to do the ordinary.

“So how do you expect the Holy Ghost fire to start raining havoc on your presumed enemies,” the Bishop queried.

The Prelate further charged the faithful to always equip their homes with chaplet, Holy Bible and other sacramentals, advising that we must read our Bible and say our rosary everyday as they remain spiritual weapons to fortify our faith, constantly fight the evil spirit that challenges our faith, progress in life, and our existence.