Holy Family Adoration Ministry Agulu Celebrates Valentine Day in Grand Style

By Amaka Olua

The Holy Family Adoration Ministry Agulu has celebrated her Valentine day in grand style. The event which was tagged celebrating with and for Christ had an impressive number of youths in attendance. The historical celebration which was held on 14th February, 2019, at St Mathias Catholic Church Agulu, Anaocha L.G.A Anambra State, featured Motivational talks, Flower Presentations, love letters presentation to Jesus Christ, comedy, Talents show, Drama, Music and Dancing Competition.

During the celebration, the Vicar St Pius X Catholic Church Ezinifite, Rev Jude Okoli, spoke about Valentine and stated that Valentine day celebration was an avenue to celebrate loved ones. He condemned the manner in which it was being celebrated by the youth and society at large. He maintained that so many people use valentine day to commit so many atrocities. Fr Okoli added that St Valentine was known for his care, charity and love towards the afflicted, saying that Vals day was set aside to show true love (agape love) to Families, Friends and well wishers. He advised the youths to be morally grounded and emulate the footsteps of St Valentine. He maintained that love is not all about feelings, sentiments, lust, physical appearance and beauty, saying that pure love was making efforts to encourage and support the people you loved. He advised the youths not to be conscious of materials things which had led so many people to their earlier grave. He added that anyone who sold her body for materialism was a woman of easy virtue, saying that so many youths has defiled their bodies which was the temple of God. Fr Okoli advised the youths to be focused and achieve that which God has destined for them. He urged them to be bold in proclaiming the word of God and not to shy away from the things of God. He advised them to join any pius society in the church which would draw them more closely to God. He admonished those who wants quick money and urged them to allow the will of God to be done in their lives.

Speaking to Fides, the Host and also the spiritual Director of Holy Family Adoration Agulu, Rev Fr Anthony Akunwanne, maintained that his purpose of hosting the Valentine celebration was to draw the youths closers to God, saying that for one to get the youths to God he must make a great sacrifices, He opined that all the mapped out activities for the event was a gradual way of drawing them closer to God, saying he would like to extend his missionary work to the youths. Fr Akunwanne advised the youths to be focused and determined in all they do. He maintained that his duties to the youths were to guide them from unnecessary things that would lead them astray. He added that he wanted the youths to channel their love to God because God deserved their love and care as well. He explained that Valentine day was not a day of immorality but a day of love.

Another speaker, Sister Kosi Nwachukwu, charged the youths to live a life worthy of emulation, while admonishing those who defiled their bodies because of worldly possession. She maintained that God would always reward those who served him in faith and love and would visit them in times of need and difficulties. She advised the youths to live a life that was pleasing to God.

Cross section of adorers during the Val’s Celebration
Cross section of Youths during the celebration
Rev Fr Jude Okoli during his speech
The spiritual Director, Holy Family Adoration, Rev Fr Anthony Akunwanne during his remarks
Rev Fr Jude Okoli during the Eucharistic celebration his flanked on left, the Spiritual Director Holy Family Adoration Ministry, Rev Fr Akunwanne preaching the word
Some Youths reading a love letters to Jesus Christ during the Valentine day celebration
Cross section of adorers during the event
Fr Okoli enlightens the youths on the meaning of Valentine day Celebration