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High Cost of Fuel: Kwara Civil Servants to Work for 3 Days Weekly

Civil servants in Kwara State are now to be going to work for three days in a week. This is in response to the recent surge in transport fare and the resultant financial strain on public workers, according to the Kwara State Government which says it is part of temporary measures to alleviate the situation.

The State Head of Service (HOS), Mrs. Susan Modupe Oluwole, who announced this last Monday, said Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak had directed a reduction in work days from five to three days per week for all state-employed workers.

The directive, aimed at mitigating the hardships caused by the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, was conveyed through a statement signed by Murtala Atoyebi, the Chief Press Secretary in the office of the HOS.

Mrs. Oluwole emphasized that the purpose of the measure was to provide relief to the workers who had been grappling with the skyrocketing cost of transportation. By reducing the number of work days, the government, according to her, aimed to ease the financial burden on employees and help them to cope with the increased transport expenses resulting from the fuel subsidy removal.

To ensure effective implementation, the Head of Service instructed all Heads of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) in the state to promptly devise a format indicating the alternating work days for each employee under their purview. This arrangement, she noted, would enable a smooth transition to the new schedule and ensure that all workers were aware of their designated work days.

Mrs Oluwole, while noting that the government had shown compassion towards the workers, however cautioned against abusing the governor’s generosity. She stressed that the Head of Service’s office would intensify its monitoring of MDAs to ensure strict compliance with the new directive.

‘The government expects employees to adhere to the revised work schedule diligently and demonstrate professionalism in their duties,’ she stated.

The temporary reduction in work days is seen as a proactive step by the Kwara State Government to address the immediate financial challenges faced by public workers. By implementing this measure, the  Fides understands, that the Government  aims to provide relief and support its employees during this period of increased transportation costs.

The effectiveness of these temporary measures will be closely monitored to assess their impact and determine any further necessary actions to alleviate the burden on the workers, Fides further learnt.