Have Cultists Taken Over Anambra?

When Governor Willie Obiano took over the reins of leadership in Anambra, top on the list of his agenda was security. It was something he showed passion for and his government did a good job in sanitizing the state, leading to the description of the state as the safest in the country. Seven years later, the security situation seems to be deteriorating, not thanks to the activities of different cult groups which have been terrorizing the state recently.

Indeed, no week passes without at least three young men being killed in various parts of the Awka capital. There was a day six people were killed and most of these killings are done in broad daylight.

The activities of these cultists which predate the post-EndSARS protests, have however seemed to have increased now, with the cultists savouring the absence of security personnel from the roads. They have thus become more daring and have been operating with impunity.

It has been discovered that many commercial tricycle operators often carry weapons which they cleverly conceal, either in their vehicles or in their bodies, with many of them being young men.

For now, they have concentrated on fighting and killing themselves but there is a possibility that if their activities are left unchecked, it will get to a stage where they will graduate to extorting money from people or being hired to settle disputes.

Already, they are known to commit crimes like rape, robbing people at gun point and constituting general nuisance.

It is rather surprising that government is not doing much to curtail the unfolding violence occasioned by the activities of these cultists. We are therefore calling on Gov Willie Obiano, as the chief security officer of the state, to take the bull by the horns and take measures aimed at stopping the menace of these undesirables.

The members of the public should also be more careful in the way they interact with people and avoid arguments with strangers since these cultists have no distinguishing features. Late night outings should be avoided too; at least, until the state becomes safe again. People should also look at drivers of the shuttle buses or tricycles they board as it is believed that most of the cultists are young people.

The activities of these people are coinciding with the end of the year which is a period that usually witnesses an upsurge in crime. The state government and security agencies are thus expected to come up with extra measures to guarantee the safety of the law abiding citizenry.

The various communities are also enjoined to map out strategies for containing the nefarious activities of the cultists and other criminals since they all come from the communities. They should work in concert with the local vigilantes and the police to fish out bad elements.

We have had enough of these bloody clashes which are threatening to return the state to the bad era of yore.

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