Has Nigeria’s Bubble burst?

Last Wednesday, the nation was once again shocked to the marrows when a retired Navy Commodore, Kunle Olawunmi, went on air to expose those he accused of sponsoring terrorism in the country.

According to the man who is in a position to know as a former security insider, our president, some ministers, all the defence chiefs, some governors and some senators, are all either among those who know the terrorists and their sponsors or being the sponsors themselves.

Olawunmi who said he did not mind being killed after his damning revelation, said the plan was to turn Nigeria into an Islamic country.

But really, many Nigerians had always known that Buhari was up to something sinister right from the early days, going by the nature of his key appointments. If anyone was still doubtful, his outrageous tolerance and mild treatment of the insurgents and Fulani herdsmen convinced such a person that Buhari had an evil agenda.

But rather tragically, like an animal hypnotized, the rest of the country have been looking on and doing nothing. Perhaps it is this docile attitude that has been emboldening Buhari to go for the kill.

We have the various state governors who attend the Council of States meetings in Abuja. We also have former heads of state who do so. Yet, these people attend such meetings and go without asking why the country has been heading in her doomed direction.

Perhaps the revelation by Olawunmi may be the final shot in the arm that our leaders need to wake up from their slumber and take necessary action to protect their territories and their people from the looming danger; for, after all, only the tree hears about its impending deadly fate and still stands rooted to the spot

The Death of Nigeria’s Former First Ladies, a National Loss

Nigeria woke up to the news of the demise of her two former first ladies, widows of the late Major General Johnson Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi and the Late Michael Okpara.

The late Aguiyi Ironsi was Nigeria’s first Head-of-State during the military era. He was once decorated as the first indigenous General Officer Commanding, (GOC) of the Nigerian Army.

The late Dr Michael Okpara was a medical doctor who served the nation simultaneously as Minister of Health and Minister of Agriculture in the Eastern Region in the 50s before he became the Premier for six years.

He did not have a house of his own anywhere in the world until his friends and associates publicly put money together to build him a house in his home state, Abia.

Today, Nigeria has lost the two amazons that had held the forte in the two families of both statesmen for over five decades that their husbands died.

These two women lived in such a way that they gave their husbands the encouragement that they needed to serve the nation selflessly.

They were indeed epitomes of the saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman.

In his condolence message to the Ironsi family, President Buhari stated that the late Madam Ironsi’s strength and exceptional courage during what he called, the darkest moments in the history of Nigeria, portrayed her as a mother of the nation. He described her as God-fearing and filled with value.

The death of these two amazing women reminds all that public service is a calling and not an opportunity to squander public funds.

They will both be remembered for ensuring that their husbands followed the path of honour, integrity and common good.

May their souls rest in peace.