Happy Mother’s Day to Us All

By Uche Amunike 

It is another mother’s Day and I am happy to witness it. I will start by appreciating every mother out there who sacrificed so much in order to live up to the name and title of  mother. Today, I doff my hat to every woman out there for just being a woman.

The Bible says so much about the virtuous woman who should be so valuable that she is worth more than rubies. Society expects so much from every woman. We are supposed to be perfect beings. We’re supposed to set a standard. And that standard has to be one that has no reason not to be perfect. Our husbands expect us to be the best- home managers,    financial managers, advisers, secret keepers, cooks, dry cleaners, praying partners and what have you.

That is pretty much how the virtuous woman looks to the average Nigerian man. Well, I guess every woman has her own definition of what a true mother should be. I cannot speak for any woman but I can try to appreciate us all for the roles we have played in our families, in our workplace, in society, in the church and even in our homes.

It has really not been easy in the last one year. The past year was particularly tasking for women considering the coronavirus pandemic which ravaged the world globally. The lockdown forced families to stay home and every woman took it upon themselves to see that the home did not lose its warmth.

Women faced that pandemic by continuing to perform their roles in the home by their husbands and by their children. A lot of men are not used to staying home and doing nothing. So, during the lockdown,  every morning they would leave the home and hang out with friends, either drinking, playing draughts, playing football or some other  games. However, these women continued to perform their duties, still ensuring that the home remained in one piece and that the children continued to study in order not to lose focus educationally.

I don’t want to be accused of over praising the womenfolk. Far from that. I’m simply trying to appreciate these amazing women for all the roles they play in life. Mothers have always offered their love to, not just their husbands and children, but also, to their extended family in order to ensure that the tempo of peace and warmth in the home is not

broken. These women deserve to be appreciated for their patience, resilience, tolerance and also for being good role models to their children. I want to appreciate them for their efforts in setting boundaries and rules in the home just to make their children be on their feet and understand the reason why things should remain so. I appreciate them today for being prayer warriors in the home. I appreciate every woman today for giving their unconditional Love to their spouses no matter the situation in the home.

I appreciate every woman who has suffered domestic violence and yet keep the home in order by not letting the children know just because they want peace to reign in their homes. So many women have suffered abuse. Untold abuse!!! Let me at this point appreciate the women who could no longer take the abuse and left their marriages in order to be alive and not die young out of domestic violence.

I don’t care how much the world condemns you. I want to appreciate you for being brave enough to take a walk and save your lives. I want to doff my heart for every woman out there who has toiled and given their all just to train their children in school only for those children to forget them when they become successful in life. These are women who sold their jewelry in order to

provide the needs of these children without complaining about it. Most of these women end up not being remembered at all. I appreciate you all.

Has any man reading this ever visited the labour room to see what these women go through before and during childbirth? Need I talk about the nine months before the almighty visit to the labour room? Women are just amazing. Kindly permit me to appreciate the strength of women. It is a strength specially gifted to them from God. It is a strength no man has the capacity of having, no matter how strong they seem. It is a divine strength. I want to appreciate every woman for the gifts of adaptability.

A woman who is educated can marry an uneducated man and yet no matter how difficult it is to live with such men because of their different orientations, the woman will still adapt and try to keep sanity in the home. It’s a very difficult task to carry out, but yet, women have that capacity.

I want to appreciate every woman for the gift of multitasking. Motherhood is not easy. Everyday,  women strive to attend to the needs of their spouses and their children. No matter how much they’re interrupted while performing this task and pulled in different directions while performing these tasks, women continue to remain focused and continue to

keep the faith, ensuring that these children learn and grow, while at the same time, seeing  that their men’s needs are also satisfied. Women are amazing pieces of God’s creation. I want to appreciate every woman for their passion and determination to succeed in building their homes.

I appreciate them today for their inspirational leadership in the home, for being conflict managers in their various homes,  for the emotional intelligence they put into building their homes, and also for being coaches and mentors in the family.

Women are risk takers. Women can do anything for their families. Women persevere more than anything else. Even though motherhood is a full-time job, career woman face their full-time careers and still deal with running the home. Surprisingly, they end up  carrying out both tasks successfully. It is a strength that can only be given by God.  Just before I end this piece, let me appreciate my mother Mrs Mary Udeagha as we celebrate all mothers. I celebrate her determination to

keep her home running while we were growing up. My mother had eight children- three daughters and five sons. She married at 19 but became widowed at 41. Today she’s 73 but she was able to put her home together even 29 years after she lost her husband.

She ended up training all of us in school in order to fulfill her dreams with her husband for us. Naturally, she became to us, a source of strength and mentorship! Today she looks at her home and smiles in satisfaction because she knows she did a good job in her family.

Let me appreciate her for her strength all these years as we celebrate all mothers. I pray that she will live longer to enjoy the fruits of her labour as we celebrate Mother’s Day in the Catholic church. I pray that God continues to give her good health and also keep her strong so that at the end of her life’s race she would have a space in His kingdom where she will be forever with the angels.

I celebrate my sisters and my brothers’ wives. I remember particularly the late Nkechi Udeagha of blessed memory. She was a an epitome of motherhood. God bless her wonderful soul. May she continue to rest in peace. I also remember all the  women in my life who have played one role or the other in my life’s journey. I say,  may God bless you all! Happy Mother’s Day to us !!!